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He never says ‘I love you’, but does this instead

My guy never says ‘I love you’, but here’s what he does instead to make up for it!

Romantic relationships are hard; don’t get me wrong here. They aren’t hard to maintain, but they are hard to describe or categorise. Every individual is different and the bond a couple shares is different from that of every other couple. So when you are reading an article on ‘Secrets to a happy marriage’ or something similar, you know in your heart that it’s not going to be very useful. Similarly, I never seek advice in those articles because my guy is, well, a little different. After years of courtship, the number of times he has said the three ‘magical’ words “I love you” can be counted on fingers. And yet I never felt the magic in our relationship subsiding. He is gifted with a charm that hasn’t faded in years. Here are all the things he does to make up for that ‘loss’.

He ALWAYS listens when I’m talking

And the way I see it, it’s just not the listening part that makes me feel good, it’s the respect that he still gives me every single day. And he doesn’t just listen; he even asks questions. For the talker that I am, I needed nothing but a good listener.

He makes it a point to remember stuff

Guys are known for their poor memory. Forgetting things is like a common trait in all guys, or most guys. Should I feel lucky that I found an exception? I never had to remind him about little stuff, he remembers everything.

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And not just my birthday, he has always remembered my mother’s and my sister’s birthday too, without me having to remind him.

And how do I know this? Well, Mumma told me herself. I couldn’t have been prouder of him.

He makes me a part of all his important days

And what else can be a bigger turn-on? Your guy making you feel important by making you a part of all the important days in his life is absolutely priceless. Whether it was switching jobs or switching his career path, or even that first job interview he gave. He made sure I was a part of all those days, just as much as his family and his best friend were involved.

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He’s never said no to anything that I’ve done

Even for the mistakes that I made, he always had my back. And he has never said no to anything that I’ve done. Even if I rush to a guy friend’s house at the middle of the night after a call, he has never ever questioned me to make me uncomfortable. There is no worse turn-off than a guy who puts restrictions on you.

The guy who just lets you be you and doesn’t stop you from living your own life is actually a hard find and when you find him, keep him, like I have.

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He gave up on a football match once when I had a bad day

I had an extremely bad day once, and it was not one of those days at work where stuff goes wrong. It was a lot more serious and I did not feel like talking to anybody at all. Needless to say, I didn’t talk to him as well. The next day too I bunked work and was dodging calls. And when he got the hint that something is wrong, he gave up his ManU match for the day and spent the next 26 hours with me, just talking, eating, sleeping, binge watching my favourite series, bringing out all my childhood pictures. And God, I was crushing on him like a teenager for a month after that.

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He always asks for my opinion before he makes any important decision

And there’s a difference between informing your partner that you have taken a decision, and actually involving your partner while making a decision. What makes my heart flutter is how he always asks for my opinion before some major decision. I won’t say he’s always followed my advice, but just the fact that he gives me that much importance is enough to make me swoon over him all the time.

He drops by my workplace once in a while

Without telling me beforehand of course! And mostly he is bringing food. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Thank you for everything, boyfriend!

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    1. See the love is in these little things. Saying those 3 words hardly matter when the guys value you so much. He respects you and loves you a lot for sure. Lucky you are! It’s bliss 🙂

      Make all the effort to stay together!

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