Next time you fight with your guy…try these 9 things to make it up to him!

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Hola, girls! How many times have you fought with your boyfriend? Almost every day? Well that’s cool. I mean, who doesn’t fight? But I’m not here to talk about the petty fights. What about those big fights? Where you go days without talking to each other, but also miss him terribly. And you feel great after they are over. But have you ever wondered how the fight got over? Most of the times it’s obviously your boyfriend who patches it up, isn’t it? Well, but after years of being together, I figured out a few things I can always do to make it up to him.

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I say sorry even when sometimes it’s not my mistake

It really makes a difference. People ask why I do that. I am demeaning myself and what not. But I understand that there’s a difference between self-respect and ego. I don’t want to lose my guy because we hurled some words at each other in a moment of temper. And the best part is, it really doesn’t take much efforts to convince my guy. A genuine sorry always does the trick.

I pamper him. A lot

After everything he has done for me over the years, he surely deserves to be pampered. And the happiness that I feel from within when I’m pampering him like a little schoolboy, that is immense. I can hardly cook, but I take the effort of cooking his favourite Bengali dish. After all, the way to a Bengali guy’s heart is definitely through his stomach.

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I truly believe that communication is the key to happiness

Because there’s nothing that talking cannot resolve. But conversations immediately after a fight can lead to another fight, because both of us are still in the moment of anger. So what I do is I wait till the anger subsides in both of us, and try explaining to him what was about the fight that made me feel bad. Trust me, its like magic.

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And of course, patch up sex always helps

And everyone will agree. The fight makes my guy’s testosterone charged to a whole new level, and well, the post fight make out sessions are always the best I had.

I drop by at his workplace unannounced, sometimes

The joy in his voice when I call him after 8 on a working day and ask him to look down from his window (where I’m already waiting) is priceless. And he comes down and hugs me with the same excitement with which I hugged him after he said yes years back when I proposed to him. Isn’t that cute?

Planning a surprise weekend getaway suddenly

If there’s one thing my guy loves more than me, it is travelling. So what better way to end a fight than planning a surprise small trip for him? I make the plan, do the reservations and then just casually give him a call and ask him to get ready. And at these trips, forget going around and exploring the place. We never leave the hotel room even. *Winks*

I leave notes in the most unexpected places

I always leave love notes or anything that he likes to read. And I hide it at the weirdest places. In the egg carton in the fridge, or in the closet on his washroom, or sometimes tucked between his clothes. And then I catch him smiling reading them. Well, I would give the world to see that smile.

I try to do something for him that he has been planning to do for long

Mostly I know all the things in his dream to-do list. So he is an engineer with a DSLR, not the ones who own Facebook photography pages. And his subject of photography is either street dogs or the miracle that’s called nature or me. So once we had a fight and he wasn’t talking to me, and I had run out of ways to make it up to him. Something clicked and I started looking for weekend photography courses in town. And without telling him, I enrolled him for one. Later when I told him, he sat with me and listened to all my girly gossip throughout the evening. Ah, I love him.

And lastly and most importantly, I try NEVER to hurt his feelings even while we are fighting

And he does the same too. What I hate most about a fight is that we forget that it’s our favourite person we are fighting with. And that ends up with us in losing our temper and saying something really bad in the heat of the moment, that we regret later. So even when I’m at the peak of my anger, I make it a point not to say ANYTHING that I might regret later. Works wonders.

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  1. Vasudha Tripathi

    GOOD! so, I am going to try all these things from now. LOL. we just hugged and he said we will never fight. But, I know we will. Come on it is a part of relationship which works wonder with these magical makeups.

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