Not a thing to change in my partner

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After reading the contest title, the first time in the relationship of more than 5 years I thought that what would be the one thing that should never change when it comes to my partner? After thinking continuously for 1 hour, I came on a solution that I will never be able to wish for one thing that shouldn’t change. He is simply perfect for me. if I will stick to one thing then it would be an injustice to all of his care and love that he has for me. Still, I can disclose the thing that I love the most about him is his kiddish attitude and when he pampers me when I behave as a kid. rest, from his looks to attitude, love to care and from his driving to that romantic spark, I want him to be like this forever.< The things that I never want to change in my partner are: • His cute teasings and calling me fatty at times. • Treating me as a kid - his overcare • His possessiveness when someone else stares at me. • His attitude for fighting with the world for me. • Even though when I look silly and messed up, adoring my beauty. • Giving me the freedom to be myself. • Always being there to motivate me. • Prioritizing me over everything else. • Whenever I ask for money, he upholds his wallet to me even though it may be empty. • He has the capability to get me back to normal when I am in worst emotions. • He becomes my entertainer, adds up all the humor making me laugh at himself. • And I am proud to say this that he cries sometimes when he embraces me. This one is my favorite. There are million more things that I can say about him and I never want him to change even a bit but I just want to summarize up by saying that a combination of 26 alphabets and even thousands of words are not enough to describe my partner and the love that we have for each other. I always wish him to be just like he is now and wish his company throughout I life because I can be myself with me. I feel my world complete in his presence. It's not about one thing, it's about one person who should never change for me. I Love you, sweetheart...! This blog is just for you.


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