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Not Everyone Deserves You!

This world is a big carnival, where we see varieties of rides, games and food items. After entering carnival, we can enjoy any ride we want, play any game we want and eat any food we want. We are not bound to use all the things present at the carnival. Same applies in the life!

We meet varieties of people, some we like and some we don’t. Those with our vibrations collide become our friends and some become more than friends, love interest. But why we struck with someone? In the carnival, when we like some food by look we try, and if we don’t like after trying we don’t kept on eating that, instead we decide not to try that again. If any ride we don’t like after trying, we permanently ban them from our interest list but what happen when we end up in same situation with people?

We kept on trying, we kept on compromising. But why? Because they are not rides and food, they are people with our most precious memories are attached, we are attached. We just can’t detach them from our lives because there is a pool of feelings in between which we can’t swim across. But how long should we compromise? How much we can pressurize our heart? How long we can torture our mind?

And the answer is not one more minute after you feel it’s over.

It’s good to go to the last extent to save any relationship and sacrifice your ego for same cause but there is nothing without limit, not your ego. Where your ego’s limit ends, your self-respect starts, and don’t let anyone or anything cross that limit. It won’t be easy to ban relationships from life like the foods we don’t like after trying, it would be like banning your favorite food. But it’s like precautions in medical treatment, essential for good health. You must cross that pool of feelings to get over, you may get afraid of drowning but you won’t and after crossing that pool of feelings you will feel best.

The only thing you should realize is that not everyone you meet in your journey deserves you!

You will get some backstabbing friends, silly relationships and gold diggers but that doesn’t mean you’ve to stop there, they don’t deserve you. Not everyone you hook up with, meant to be with you forever! And if it’s not forever, it’s not what you deserve.

This life is a journey and in a journey, we meet so many people, visits so many places and experience different things but never stop until we reach our destination. Same goes with life, we meet different people and settle where we meant to not where we stuck! So, get yourself out of those ‘stuck’ relationships and move on to where you’re meant to be, to someone who deserve you.

And always remember Not Everyone Deserves You!

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