“Not quite the real deal, but sex toys are fun,” she says

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The best gift my boyfriend ever gave me

It was back in the day – I mean early 2000 – when a friend told me her little secret. Her boyfriend had given her a naughty gift she said, to keep her company. The gift was a dildo.
Being in the marketing space, he was accustomed to travelling. While he was away, he did not want her to feel lost. Since they were frequent and amorous with their lovemaking, the dildo helped her overcome her longing.

She showed me the dildo and the apparatus looked pretty much like the real deal. She turned the knob at the end of the stick (uh uh), and the dildo worked in a fairly ‘simple’ way. One just had to keep the equipment stacked with batteries, turn on the knob, insert it into the aching part and gain the release one desired!

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I’m not touching that thing!

As for me, I did not want to touch the thing, having known where it had been. Sensing my lack of interest, but with the idea for me to get to know the nuance of the vibrator, she washed the thingy and expected me to get a feel. That was pretty ewww as far as I was concerned. She encouraged me to touch the toy, but I did not want to even consider that, ever. You guessed it right, I simply did not touch the vibrator!

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We had our jokes about the thing, however, and went into peals of laughter over the noise it made as she put it down on the table. You could say it sounded like a grouchy old roar of a lion. She was very happy with the gift; it came in handy (pardon the pun). Since both she and her man enjoyed anything different, this pretty much worked for them. The good old thingy was used while he was away, but they also made use of it during their frequent sessions when he was back.

The good old thingy was used while he was away, but they also made use of it during their frequent sessions when he was back.

It gave him a kick to see his girl climaxing as she used it during their various sessions both with him and the dildo.

Does it work for you?

When I asked her whether the toy made her feel good, her answer was simple – it did, without the messy overture of semen sprinkled on her and the worry of an unwanted pregnancy. It satisfied her completely. However, she did admit that she preferred the real deal.

It satisfied her completely. However, she did admit that she preferred the real deal.

Her theory was simple – when he was not with her, he was still with her. Nice, eh! She would bring herself to orgasm as often as possible, as she fantasised about him while using the machine.

One day, the batteries stopped working! She was desperate, she needed her fix. Since she was living with her parents and given that it was relatively late in the night they did not like her out on her own. She explained that it was that time of the month and she needed sanitary napkins. She went out, bought the pads and the batteries! Old Faithful has been with her through the years. Eventually, she and the man got married. She lets on that Old

Faithful still keeps her company to the day. She has other toys in her kitty (uh uh) but has not divulged their use – she cannot chuck out the old dildo.

Not quite the real deal, but still fun

The two of them enjoy themselves and when they need a little spunk, they use their props. It keeps them on edge knowing that while they celebrate their love in a good marriage, with two children, they still get their jollies with their toys. Old Faithful has seen better days. I believe that nowadays it spends its time mostly stashed away on a shelf.

When she needs a bit of fun, she tells me, Old Faithful still gives her the thrill. She reiterates though – there is nothing quite like the real stuff.

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Janhavi Avashia June 30, 2018 - 12:21 pm

As a society we are instilled with an inbuilt stigma against masturbation, especially the idea of women masturbating. This story was a delightful and different read. What are your views and experiences on sex toys?

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