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Oh My God!


“Oh! So you have finally arrived!” she said, almost in a whisper. I was a bit confused since I had actually called up to speak with her husband, an erstwhile colleague. “Ah…hum, Oh yes, yes I just arrived this evening and thought of calling up Naresh,” I stammered. “Is he home?” I queried. “No” she whispered again. “But deep down inside I knew you would come.” Now this was a bit strange since in our earlier postings I had not known her much apart from the fact that she was a colleague’s wife.

Naresh Banerjee was an established General Practitioner when I first met him almost a decade back. He and his beautiful wife, Sudha, lived a stone’s throw from our house. They had a son about ten years old. I, in a manner of speaking, was Naresh’s boss. Although not a doctor, I was the administrative head of the organization where we both worked. He had joined the organization a few months after I had been appointed to my post. While we had a good professional relationship, on the social front it was generally an infrequent interaction. After a couple of years we both left the organization, and lost touch with each other.

“Why don’t you come home? I just want to meet you,” she continued in her whispering voice. I must confess that her voice sounded very sexy and I found myself wanting to keep hearing it, while struggling to recall her name. Was it Sheila, Suparna, Sangeeta? As I scratched my brains, I was rewarded by her husband calling out to her. “Sudha, open the door. Who are you talking with?” Sudha kept the phone on the table and went to open the safety grill door. “Dax is in town and called up to speak with you,” I heard her as she informed Naresh. Picking up the phone, Naresh said, “Hello Dax Sir! What brings you to this part of the world?” I let him know that I was offered a job in a start-up company and had joined that very morning. “I got your contact from Gupta,” I told him. Shirish Gupta was another colleague from our erstwhile organization. “Sir, we must meet soon.” Before I could say anything, I heard Sudha tell her husband to invite me over for a meal. I gladly accepted the invitation to dinner the next day.

Sudha was looking stunning as she opened the door. With a very inviting smile she asked me to be comfortable on the sofa. “Naresh, just arrived a minutes before you and is freshening up. She served me a glass of water and very deftly passed a piece of paper. “Read it later,” she whispered. The drinks and dinner went by in a haze with Naresh and me exchanging information on our respective jobs and families. But my heart was pounding away and the mind on the piece of paper in my shirt pocket, amidst glances towards the ravishing Sudha who seemed to have eyes only for me. It was almost midnight when I said my goodbyes and head for my hotel room. Once in the safe confines of my room, I retrieved the piece of paper from my shirt pocket. As I read the missive, my hands trembled and the heart did a few somersaults. It read, “Meet me tomorrow at 5 PM outside MacDonald’s in Central Mall”.


Throwing caution to the winds and unmindful of the fact that I was happily married, I arrived at the Mall a few minutes before 5 PM. Scanning the crowds, I spotted her. She too had seen me. Walking with confident steps, Sudha opened the car door and slid in to the passenger seat. “Let’s go”, she commanded and I, like a disciplined soldier, obeyed. On her directions, I manoeuvred the car to a relatively secluded place. “Stop here,” she ordered. I obeyed. As I switched off the engine, Sudha turned towards me and said, “Oh My God! I thought you will never come. I have been waiting for you all these years. You surely took your time.” Her beauty coupled with a heady perfume left me stunned as she grabbed my head and kissed me full on the lips. Gasping for breath, I tried to pull away but she was in no mood to relent. Finally she did. “Ever since I saw you ten years ago, I knew I would have an affair with you. Everything about you attracted me to you. The way you speak, the way you extend courtesies to ladies and the way you dance! Something I found missing in Naresh. He is a workaholic and has no time for me,” she said softly, almost stifling a sob. Instinctively, I stroked her hair and gently kissed her.

Thus began an affair that lasted till I prematurely gave up my job and headed home. We never met again.

(Names changed to protect identities)

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