Sex and Passion

Once you know the amount of fun in outdoor sex, you will want it even more

Is having sex outdoor in the midst of nature more fun than having it inside the house?
Outdoors sex is fun

Try thinking outside the four walls of a room

You have shut the door and the world outside. Drawn the curtains and switched off the lights. Plonked on the comfy bed with your partner – to romp and reach the peak. Well, this is a game that can be played outside as well and enjoyed equally well or perhaps even more – only if you’ve ever thought of screwing fantasy into a hardcore reality.

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Just a pipedream

For a vast majority of sexually active couples, making love under a moonlit sky – with stars twinkling around – remains a pipedream. Vicariously enjoyed in foreign flicks where they yank off everything for a passionate paroxysm in the woods or by the lakeside or in the manicured lawn – either on a sun-kissed day or on a starry night. The natural locations make you feel like enjoying sex in a similar setting.

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sex- passion

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  1. Reading this article I think that my boyfriend is right when he talks about of having sex outside the four walls. Yes, a roof top is better 🙂

  2. Nice ideas!

    Outdoor sex can actually make a vacation or even a weekend picnic extra memorable. And it’s all about the memories, right?

  3. “It depends on the players, who should enjoy the game passionately, wherever and whenever they can” – so true! Amazing outdoor ideas, Devraj. Keep writing more.

  4. Delightfully unabashed and fresh. Would inspire and encourage many couples, young and old, to experiment with the idea in order to spruce up their love lives. A much needed discussion to do away with the taboo that has been associated with it since time immemorial. Eagerly waiting for more such writing!

  5. An appreciable attempt on the topic that is generally avoided for public discussion. The writing has been made enjoyable for the readers with the usage of words that makes one feel comfortable with following as to what has been penned further down the piece.

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