One thing I never want to change in my partner

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One thing I never want to change in my partner

Met like an accident and together like a destiny, today I and my husband are incomplete without each other. Writing just one thing about him that I would never want to change in him is hard because I love him the way he is.

“I love the complete him and not the part of his nature.”

Still if one asks me to sum up in one sentence- I would say his care for me is the thing that I would never want to change in my partner.

The daily bits of love and the taste of his romance that I witness on regular notes include his following chunks of conversation with me-

I do not want to see you as a regular wife; I want to see you as my rock star wife- This is when he motivates me to- “BE ME” every time I tend to ignore myself while caring for others in the family.

I love to choose your dress to wear, from now onwards; I will make you ready on weekends- This is when he made me try new styles in my attire.

I must admit he has completely changed or I can say improved my dressing sense after our marriage.

It was my dream to travel this world, but now I want to achieve this with you- He said this when he was remembering those old days with his bike and only “HIM” , and now he sees it all as “US.”

I do not enjoy eating good things without you anymore- He waits for me to come back from office so that we can have our share of treat together. We love eating street food but not without each other anymore.

If our plan is ON, I will make sure no one comes its way in any way- He cares about nobody else, what others are saying, what they will think, when it’s “US” it’s only “US.”

I feel proud to take you out with me- This was when we went out together first time at the marriage of his friend.

I was never sure about your “YES”, but I was always sure about my “LOVE”- This was said because it took us nearly 8 years to get in commitment, and there was the time when we were not even in contact for almost 4 years in this 8 year time period.

I don’t want you to wake up and leave the bed without waking me up because I want to see you by my side whenever I open my eyes in the morning- I am the first person he wants to see by his side in the morning.

You are looking tired today, Let me give you a massage V/S I can’t let you give me a massage because you are my Goodluck- This is when he always tries to make me feel at comfort when I am tired and never let me do any such thing for him.

Let me help you in the kitchen chores; this will make the things done easily- He always stands by my side whenever I work in the kitchen and do the small things to make me feel comfortable.

Do not wash more utensils; This is enough for the day, I will do the rest- He never hesitates to do the things that he might have otherwise never done in the lifetime before our marriage.

My salary has been credited, keep this with you and give it to me in need- He keeps all the money on my hand so that I can use it whenever I need that.

Just try on my clothes, these will look cool on you- He loves to let me try his loose clothes like t-shirts and cargos. He likes me in that cool crazy look.

One day when I will earn too big, I will never let you do this cleaning thing in the house- It was when we had no maid in the house, and I used to do the whole cleaning stuff for three floors.

Go to the parlor today; I want you to take out some time for yourself- He wants me to take care of myself and my beauty.

Because, according to him I am beautiful, which I don’t know is true or not.

These were some of the things that make me fall in love with me every new day.

His Name-Robin

My Name-Ritu

He calls me Riu


Writes his name as RobinRiu


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  1. You are d best couple i have ever seen.stay blessed wd more years of togetherness…

    still I can’t imagine Akshay in d Song ‘ there sang Yaara’

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