Online Depression And Suicide Prevention Counselling

Are you feeling a sense of hopelessness? Do you feel unloved and unwanted? Do you feel like there is no purpose to your life? Are you unable to stop crying? Do you have suicidal thoughts? Do you find it hard to get out of bed? We care about your wellbeing and happiness. Seek help from our counsellors and live to fight another day. 

You can browse through our team of experienced and professional experts and select the one you think can help you the most. We can offer you the help you need at affordable prices from the comfort of your home through a WhatsApp call, Skype Call, Google hangout or your preferred method of communication.

Often times, those suffering from depression are unaware of their condition. A person dealing with depression plunges into an abyss of darkness, leading to a sense of lack of potential, inability to perform the most common activities, loss of pleasure in hobbies, difficulty in concentration, disturbed sleep patterns, etc. Eventually, depression can be life threatening if not treated appropriately.

We, at Bonobology, understand how hard things can get and we want to help you through your dark times. We understand your desire to end it all but please, pause for a moment. You are not alone in this.


We are right here, standing rock solid with you. Before taking any grave steps, talk to any of our expert psychologists that will implement effective treatments known to cure different forms of depression.Avail online depression counselling and rest assured, we will fight this together.

Talk to our psychiatrists and counsellors from your safe space through video/audio calling and help us help you.