Online Extra Marital Affairs Counselling

Suspect your partner of cheating? Find it hard to trust your boyfriend after he cheated?Afraid your partner will leave you for someone else? Feeling suicidal because of your partner’s affair? Is an affair ruining your marriage? Don’t let a third person ruin your happiness. Our experts have helped thousands of other couples like you. 



You can browse through our team of experienced and professional experts and select the one you think can help you the most. 



We can offer you the help you need at affordable prices from the comfort of your home through a WhatsApp call, Skype Call, Google hangout or your preferred method of communication.


Privacy and confidentiality guaranteed. 

Relationship And Dating Coach

Extra marital affair counselling is a new, but an extremely helpful concept. 

Cheating is wrong. It is painful and heart-wrenching. The situation gets even worse when a person finds out about their partner’s extra-marital affairs from someone else. Most of the people cheat on their spouse due to boredom. Whatever the reason, the psychological impact of adultery can be traumatising. There is never an easy way out once the adultery has been committed. Whether to give your partner another chance or call it quits is the foremost dilemma. Not to mention the fights, pain, and crying. 

If your significant other cheating on you or you are engaged in an extra-marital affair and are feeling guilty about it, our relationship counsellors for unhappy marriage are here to guide you about what to do next. Choose the counsellor of your choice to try and take correct steps for your marriage.

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