Online Extra Marital Affairs Counselling

Affair ruining your marriage? Don’t let a third person ruin your happiness. Our experts have helped thousands of other couples like you.

Extramarital affair counselling is relatively new, but an increasingly relevant issue faced by couples living in Urban India.

Cheating is commonly viewed as unethical. It is painful and heart-wrenching. The betrayal of affairs is tough but the situation is worsened when the partner finds out about the other’s extra-marital affair through another source. Research indicates that most people cheat on their spouse due to boredom or monotony of married life. 

Despite the reasoning behind it; adultery can be extremely traumatizing for all the parties involved. Moving forward in a relationship after adultery has been committed, is a lengthy process. The dilemma of deciding whether to give your partner another chance or calling it quits takes a toll on one’s mental health. The revelation of an affair also introduces endless fights, pain, and crying into a relationship.

If your significant other is cheating on you or you are engaged in an extra-marital affair and are feeling guilty about it, our relationship counsellors for unhappy marriages are here to guide you about what to do next. 

Bonobology will be your partner in helping you survive infidelity as a couple and an individual. 

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