Online Mental Illness Counselling

re you or your partner suffering from mental illness? Is your partner not willing to accept their condition and take medication? Are you constantly being told you suffer from OCD/anxiety/PTSD? You will be stronger than your illness. Reach out to our counsellors and let us fight this together. 


Our team of experts can help you at affordable prices from the comfort of your home via WhatsApp Call, Skype Call, Google Hangout, or your preferred method of communication. You can seek individual or couples counselling.

Aceepting mental illness is still a stigma in Indian society and this prevents patients from getting the help they need. Psychological disorders can affect one’s mood, perception and behavior and this takes a toll on a couple’s life together and can make the marriage very unhappy. Anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders and addictive behaviours are all examples of common mental illnesses.

Experiencing shifts in one’s mood as a reaction to events like death or loss are completely normal but if symptoms continue for extended periods of time without any change, there is cause for concern. 

Certain symptoms make it difficult for those suffering from mental illnesses to function normally and this causes added stress to the partner. 

Bonobology understands the pain of mental illness and we have skilled mental health counsellors who can patiently help you address your problems via online mental health counselling.