Osho on commitment & possession issues in marriage:

Anand Kamal Goel

Osho on commitment issues in marriage:

My idea of marriage is that two persons who are happy on their own join together to share their happiness — but they remain independent, they remain individuals. Then there is never any need of divorce. The so-called marriage creates the divorce.

Divorce will disappear only when this so-called marriage disappears — when marriage is not a legal bondage, when marriage is just a decision taken out of happiness, out of love and for the moment! There is no promise for the future, that tomorrow you will remain married.

The moment you promise for tomorrow you have already sacrificed even today, and then you will become afraid about tomorrow — what is going to happen?

If love remains, good; if it disappears, good. And the god of love is very whimsical: it comes when it comes, it goes when it goes. You cannot order it to come now — you cannot put it on and off like that. When it is there it is there. It is like a breeze: suddenly it is there and suddenly it is gone. So never promise.

This marriage is not a promise for the future; it is just a commitment to this moment. Obviously the next moment will be born out of this moment, and if this moment has really been of value to you, the next moment you will be together — even more together than this moment. If this moment has been of great happiness, the next moment is going to be of even more happiness because it will grow out of it. It does not come out of the blue, it grows out of this moment. But people promise for tomorrow because they are afraid. Their life is not a growing life, hence the promise.

All promises are false, and an authentic person will never promise anything — because how can one promise? One is so helpless; who knows about tomorrow? You may die! She may die! She may fall in love with somebody else — she is an alive person.

So just no promises.


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