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Our home…even if virtual!

Our home

The brick wall and the double door

Designed to keep mosquitoes away

The floral sheet where you lie bare-chested

The tattoo on your arms

Of sea, life and freedom

Making it an ordeal

To keep my focus on your face

The iron-pad that can be opened in a flick of a second

Because you like your shirts creaseless

The kettle whistling every now and then

For you love your herbal teas!

Also the way you let it wait

For you can’t have it too hot…

The tan belt, a series of linens

White, off-white, lemon, pale green

And your gadgets…you are an Apple fan

But then who isn’t!

I love our home…

Even though I don’t live there

Even if it is virtual

Existing only on Face time!

But when on it

In it…

You are mine

For those moments it is just me, you and our home!

And it is beautiful!

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