Affair and Cheating

Our marriage was like a business deal

An affair acted as a wake-up call for both Simmi and Prakash and helped revive their relationship
Diamond on the Finger

In an age of crumbling relationships and this new trend of open marriages, 45-year-old Prakash Mehta’s (name changed on request) story will change the way we all look at marriage and fidelity. Belonging to a traditional business family, Prakash met his wife Simmi, at his uncle’s place when he was 25. He had returned after completing his mechanical engineering from the US. Hopeful of starting his business venture in Mumbai, his father’s death pushed him into the hardware business.

“Marriage was the last thing on my mind. Also, in US, I had many girlfriends and I longed for the freedom to be able to do what I wanted. Suddenly in the middle of the chaos, I had to meet a girl in front of her parivaar. I wasn’t prepared for the new relationship and my frustration with not being able to achieve what I set out with on a professional level, cast a shadow. She seemed ordinary, and barely exchanged a few words. My mother and sister approved of her docile nature and convinced me that since our finances were not in order, this was the perfect match.”

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