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“Our wedding our way” – Malayali Couple Aswathy Warrier and Abilash Unnikrishnan dance their way to marriage

Weddings are the universally celebrated events of fun, vows and a forever union of two souls. Though universal on a platonic note, every wedding is culturally varied – starting from the rituals that build them to the attire selected by the bride and the groom.

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Bringing the quirky essence of Mallus from South India are the Malayali actors and wedding couple, Aswathy Warrier and Abilash Unnikrishnan.

Like every couple who wish to add a unique feature to their wedding day, this couple decided to make a lip dub video featuring the catchy song ‘I’m a Mallu’. ‘I’m a Mallu’ song was originally sung by Bengaluru based artist Rinosh George. This 2.32-minute video involves the wedding couple dancing to the off-beat lyrics along with family members.

Malayali bride dancing
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Watch the video of this happy Mallu family that has gone viral on social media.

The rap style video captures the quintessential characteristics of Mallus and how they are very proud and happy in their skins!

Malayali dance
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Aswathy and Abilash’s fun wedding video sends a very positive message that ‘every wedding is unique like every love story’ and whether big-budget or not, one should definitely have a big boom box and groove to some music on their wedding day!

What is going to be your peppy wedding song?

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