Struggles and Scars

Pati, Patni and Politics: How to manage differences in political views

Whatever your differences in politics, they must not seep into your relationship

“He thinks Hillary rocks!” “She votes BJP!” “He is an AAPtard!” “She actually listens to Trump speeches!” When you are in your 20s, statements like these are deal breakers. You cannot be with someone who does not share your political views. I lost a friend when his views got too radical for my liking.

As we grow older and wiser or more practical, we learn to overlook some things, yet the wound is still there. Nobody else may notice or care but come the elections and you’re smarting. It is literally sleeping with the enemy. You try to see the other person’s point of view as they defend their party, you argue in favour of your candidate and try to tell yourself it’s only an election…

Most times our political views are inherited, which is why it’s difficult to shake them off. It almost feels like you are being disloyal to your family. And yet, don’t we all know that some of the stuff we have inherited isn’t good for us at all?

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