Pati, Patni aur Netflix

Pati, Patni aur Netflix

Doesn’t there come a point in marriage when you feel like you know everything there is to know about your spouse?

Like when he declines your offer to make him a cup of tea.

With benevolence his lips may say ‘I don’t want you to strain’ but you can see it on his sheepish face. The Baahubali burger he ate secretly is obviously sitting right upto his neck!

Similarly, when you whisper sweet stock market prices in his ears, he knows you wrecked up the car pretty bad again.

My husband and I were at that point. It was familiar. It was comfortable. Dare I say boring? But then we have two young kids so we find ourselves craving a boring day.

I didn’t think marriage had anything major left to teach us anymore. And then out of the blue, Netflix came into our lives.

At 10 pm every night, as we binge watched some incredible shows, it wasn’t just new characters we were meeting, we were actually getting to know newer shades of ourselves.

Some moments puzzled the hell out of me, like my pure vegetarian (not even egg) eating husband’s expert commentary on cooking fish as he watched Anthony Bourdain.

Couple watching netflix shows

Some were legendary. Like the time he bunked work on a weekday, packed up the kids and took them out for a whole day so I could catch up on Suits.

But it wasn’t all sunny!

Breaking Bad proved that we (who used to think we have similar views) differ radically on the definition of a good guy. Walter White vs Jesse Pinkman, we have agreed to disagree for the rest of our lives.

We were thinking of learning salsa, but post Netflix we have now ended up learning How to get away with murder instead! It might come in handy my husband tells me, considering I have dubious driving skills.

“You better write down those recipes you watch on Chef’s Table,” I retort. “Those will come in handy for when I’m in jail!”

Netflix has opened up that last bastion of ticks we hid from each other so far; my love for Strawberry Shortcake and his for the drug cartels in Narcos.

Hard to tell which one’s worse!

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But it has also brought us closer than ever.

On long and difficult days, the thought of huddling down with my husband as we enjoy the shows we love cheers me up like nothing can.

What we have realised is that just like Frank and Claire Underwood, our little House of Cards is built on a foundation of mutual admiration and interests and that we are at our best when we work together.

We may not always agree with each other’s view but that doesn’t take anything away from this precious time shared with each other.

And if I am forced to watch the drug/violence shows he likes so much, I can take comfort in the fact that I have stealthily recorded him singing ‘Strawberry Shortcake, she is a berry bitty girl with berry big possibilities’ with great feeling as he typed out an office report!

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