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Pati patni aur woh! – When the mother-in-law tags along everywhere!

When mothers still think their role is unchanged in their married children's lives, it can be sad or irritating, but needs to be managed tactfully
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Now that the kid is married, perhaps you should let go?

Sometimes mothers don’t realise when their motherhood is done, that it is a role that has an expiry date, that they need to retire and do stuff for themselves. I also find myself holding my tongue when I want to say “me too” when they are planning an outing or a movie, because I realise just in the nick of time that these are their times to enjoy their days of youthful fun! I would have become a “kabab mein haddi”.

It is hilarious and sad at the same time when mothers fail to recognise this after their sons have married and now have different pleasures and responsibilities. The boy who used to be the centre of all her attention, hopes and dreams, suddenly seems to discard her, in favor of this young pretty stranger – his wife. Boys and their mothers do share a special bond, but mothers need to draw a line, sometimes.

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  1. Sad! But now I am feeling much lucky to say that my mom understands me very well. She always understands when my wife is actually in the need of privacy. She is superb and shares an amazing bond with me as well as my wife.

  2. When a friendship or relationship gets difficult you can always end it, but you can’t exactly sever ties with your mother-in-law.

    So, in these cases, the son or husband has a great role to play as daughter-in-law can’t advise her mother-in-law much else she will be a pain in the neck. So, the son should suggest he mother form her group, engage in other activities and let his wife know to do those stuff that his mother likes. Eventually, she will get impressed and the interference might get reduced.

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