The Penis Diaries Chapter 7: The peace within

Man holding his penis

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The pleasant evening concluded with a romantic dinner. An awesome session where Jenny and Big John both gave and got their best and collapsed into each other and drifted to sleep.

The cool breeze from the window worked overnight to perfect the room temperature to the slight chill that warrants a bed sheet and a cuddle – the skin on skin cuddle that I find as peaceful as a sage would find meditation in the hills!

couple cuddling on bed
Skin to skin cuddle

Rested nicely in the crack of Jenny’s Ms Butt, soft cushions around me, warmth galore, I found peace!

Foreplay, the act itself and post play, anything and everything lags far behind in romance when compared to a subconscious sleepy act of snuggle and cuddle early in the morning!

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It’s like a confession of innocent love! Like an assurance of love forever! It’s like submission that one belongs to the other! It’s like the comfort of being home after all!

Damn that alarm!

I couldn’t have thanked my stars for these beautiful moments, when suddenly the alarm clock buzzed! Jenny hit it on its head and it went quiet. I swear, if Big John ever chose to hit that damn thing with me, I will hit it so hard that it will shatter and be silent for the rest of eternity!

Man trying to turn off the alarm
That sound of the alarm

Anyway, Jenny and Big John greeted each other with sleepy good mornings and a tighter hug. I was wondering how to reward them for the beautiful experience I had just had, when it happened! Jenny chose to playfully squeeze me in a butt crush. As you know I live by the motto “I’m game if you are”.

I gifted Jenny and Big John the perfect beginning of a great day! I hear Jenny kept blushing the whole day just remembering the morning sex!

Let’s hope this virtuous cycle stays on forever.

Gents, keep your love pure and ladies, go ahead with that gentle squeeze next time!

:Wink: :Chuckles:
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