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14 people reveal how they figured out their fiancée’s ring size

Love comes in different shapes and sizes. And so do fingers. Naturally, also the rings that are supposed to adorn the fingers.

When you want to propose but don’t know her ring size

Having never proposed to anyone with a ring, I found this weird – How to find out your fiancée’s ring size? Why not just ask her? Then I learnt about the thing called ‘element of surprise’ when the man goes down on one knee (cliché alert) and asks for the love of his life to marry him. For this to work, you have to be a little smart, Google a lot and not let your anxiety get the best of you.

While we are at it, there was a nice proposal story shared in Modern Family where Jay proposes to Gloria. The idea was to propose when they were out for dinner. The waiter would ask if they wanted coffee and Jay would decline and say that coffee keeps him up at night and lately he had been loving his dreams (about Gloria). Then Manny, Gloria’s son would hand him a box and he would propose there. Sweet, isn’t it? The plan gets ruined when Manny freaks out and hands the box when they were watching TV at home and Jay asks him to hand over the remote by saying “Manny, hand me the thing.” Manny jumps the gun and hands the ring box and the proposal story gets kind of wrecked.

You see, what is established here is that the act of proposal takes a lot of preparation. You need the right setting if you want to give your woman a great proposal story, you need the right people and foremost of all, you need to find the right sized ring. If it’s too loose, there is a fear of losing it. If it is too tight, you would have to lather baby oil on her finger- in both cases the perfect feel is ruined.[restrict]
So if your big proposal day is near and you are out hunting for the right place and an elaborate plan to find the right size, here is a list of how people did it.

1. Always head to the BFF

“Had one her closest friends steal one of her rings for me. I bought the engagement ring of the same size. It was the right size.”

2. Beer to the rescue

“On several occasions, when we were out drinking, we used to get Tuborg and the cap has a sort of ring like thing on it. On several occasions, she used to slip in her ring finger and show off how the beer and she were meant to be together. I used the Tuborg beer ring size and got a perfect match. The jeweller looked at me weirdly, but hey, it was worth it.”

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3. Impressing her mother worked

“Asked for blessings from her mother first. My future mother-in-law was ecstatic and offered to get the right ring size. She even accompanied me, helped me choose the ring. My wife does not know about it but damn, she loved the ring.”

4. Jeweller to the rescue

“I had to send a photo of my girlfriend’s ring finger to a jeweller. They are acclaimed to get the right size of a ring by looking at the photo. I was doubtful but I had no other way. They got it right though. Fit her okay. She was happy.”

couple purchasing diamond ring
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5. Got it almost right

“I slipped one of her rings on my finger. Talked to the jeweller, and got an approximate ring size. Gladly, it fit her almost right although we later altered it a bit.”

6. Worth the effort

“I measured it with a string when she was sleeping. Turns out the size of the fingers of your dominant hand is slightly bigger and I took the measurement of the right hand. I learnt about it later. I had to wait for another opportunity to take the correct measurement of the ring finger of her left hand. This time I got it right. The ring slipped on her finger like warm knife through butter.”

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7. Playing it smart

“My girlfriend took off her rings before stepping into the shower. So one morning, when she had taken it off, I took the ring she wore on her finger, placed it on a piece of paper, traced the inner and outer circle of the ring and kept the ring back on the counter. I felt really smart about it. And of course, it fit her perfectly.”

8. Jeweller to the rescue again

“She was getting a gemstone ring made. I found out the size from the jeweller without her knowing about it.”

9. She made it easy for me

“She found open sites of ring size on my laptop. She wrote down her size on the desktop sticky notes. I got her the size and it fit perfectly. She made it so easy for me. We never spoke about it though.”

10. Street shopping to get it right

“Got a spunky ring off the street shop. I had been planning to propose to her and later took that ring for the measurement.”

street shopping
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11. What are friends for?

“I knew the size. I did not know what kind she would like. So I enlisted one of her friends (who got recently engaged) to find the kind she liked. I got her a ring likewise and she loved it.”

12. Asked her outright

“I asked her point blank. She told me we would go get the ring together. So I proposed her with wine and got the ring later. She loved the wine and how her proposal story was not clichéd.”

13. Wild guess that didn’t work

“Took a guess and got one I thought would fit her. I was wrong. But she wore it with yarn tied around it. We got it resized after that.”

14. A considerate girlfriend

“She was considerate. She told me about the rings she liked on Pinterest that had her size listed there. Easy peasy!”

So there you have it. If you are planning to pop the big question, you can take inspiration from these men.

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