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14 people reveal how they figured out their fiancée’s ring size

Love comes in different shapes and sizes. And so do fingers. Naturally, also the rings that are supposed to adorn the fingers.

When you want to propose but don’t know her ring size

Having never proposed to anyone with a ring, I found this weird – How to find out your fiancée’s ring size? Why not just ask her? Then I learnt about the thing called ‘element of surprise’ when the man goes down on one knee (cliché alert) and asks for the love of his life to marry him. For this to work, you have to be a little smart, Google a lot and not let your anxiety get the best of you.

While we are at it, there was a nice proposal story shared in Modern Family where Jay proposes to Gloria. The idea was to propose when they were out for dinner. The waiter would ask if they wanted coffee and Jay would decline and say that coffee keeps him up at night and lately he had been loving his dreams (about Gloria). Then Manny, Gloria’s son would hand him a box and he would propose there. Sweet, isn’t it? The plan gets ruined when Manny freaks out and hands the box when they were watching TV at home and Jay asks him to hand over the remote by saying “Manny, hand me the thing.” Manny jumps the gun and hands the ring box and the proposal story gets kind of wrecked.

You see, what is established here is that the act of proposal takes a lot of preparation. You need the right setting if you want to give your woman a great proposal story, you need the right people and foremost of all, you need to find the right sized ring. If it’s too loose, there is a fear of losing it. If it is too tight, you would have to lather baby oil on her finger- in both cases the perfect feel is ruined.

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