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People searching for Hima Das’ caste on Google! Here’s what’s wrong with our Indian mindset

People searching for Hima Das’ caste on Google; and for the Kathua rape victim's videos on porn sites, is everything that’s wrong with our society right now.
Hima das

When Hima Das created history

Sprinter Hima Das last week scripted history by becoming the first Indian woman athlete to win a gold at the world level, as she clinched the top spot in the women’s 400m final race in the IAAF World Under-20 Athletics Championships in Finland.

“Seeing her passionately search for the Tricolour immediately after winning, and getting emotional while singing the National Anthem touched me deeply. I was extremely moved,” said PM Narendra Modi.

“Which Indian won’t have tears of joy on seeing this? It gives new energy and encouragement to the 1.24 million Indians. I congratulate her for making the country proud,” he said, heaping praises on her.

However it’s not only shameful but disheartening to know that most of our countrymen instead of taking pride in her achievements were busy searching for the caste she belonged to. Yes, after her name, ‘Hima Das caste’ is the most searched topic about her on Google.

This is not the first time that a champion is being seen from the prism of caste. Earlier, Google searches on badminton champion PV Sindhu’s caste raced up after she won silver at the Rio Olympics.

Unfortunately, that’s how deeply casteism is penetrated in our minds, even in the 21st century!

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The Kathua rape case

Not too long ago, the brutal rape and murder of an 8-year-old girl in Jammu’s Kathua had triggered outrage across the nation. And we stooped to a new low this time! A Reddit user revealed that the victim in the Kathua rape case was being actively searched on a popular porn website.

That’s us – a society taking pleasure in women being stripped off their life and their dignity.

Abhinav Sinha trolled for the movie ‘Mulk’

More recently, director Anubhav Sinha shared the trailer of his film ‘Mulk’ on July 9. The movie is a courtroom drama about restoring the honour of a Muslim family accused of treason. Sinha was severely trolled under the claims that the film criticised Hindus or muddled the “history of terrorism”.

Watch the trailer of Mulk here:

What’s wrong with us really?

At a time when the world around is progressing by leaps and bounds, why are we turning into a society that’s all about caste, religion and sociopaths with suppressed sexual desires?

People often argue that Indian politics runs largely on caste and religion. But then India is a nation of 1.2 million people. Even if a few are driven by the motive of spreading religious and communal hatred, aren’t we big enough to topple the idea down by our sheer strength of numbers?

It was an exhilarating experience to see the 18-year-old young Hima Das make India proud and make her way to world history. She couldn’t hold in her emotions and wept tears of joy while singing the national anthem atop the winner’s podium. Truly as Gautam Gambhir tweeted, “Normally it’s the citizens who are proud of their national anthem. In this instance I think the national anthem must have felt proud to be part of the #HimaDas moment!” That magical moment – which made no bones about which gender, caste or religion the real winner belonged to.

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