People share the creepy sex dreams that they have had

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Weird sex dreams

Human mind is a funny thing often drawing in references and humans we have met just once in our lifetime. Psychology says we dream about things we might want unconsciously but we don’t really want to bone the guy we met at a library. Escapades with celebrities or exes might be an issue of unmet desire but probing into the ‘why’ often bring in more worries. The answer to it all is that the human mind is a funny thing and let’s leave it to that.
That said, why not delve into some weird sex dreams people have had. Buckle up!

With an older neighbour’s brother

My friend called me up and was breathless. She said she just had a sex- dream about her 72 year old neighbour’s brother. The brother had come to visit and she had just seen him from her terrace. They didn’t even exchange any glance. That night she dreamt she did it with the much older man who reminded her of George Clooney. She is happily married and the bizarre dream made her freak out a bit. Now, she cannot talk to her neighbour without visually imagining the whole dream.

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Like the movie Avatar

I dreamt that I and my husband were blue painted people from Avatar. We both had tails, just like in the movie. His penis was attached at the end of the tail. My tail had an opening at the end, possibly that was the vagina. We had sex like that – like plugging into a socket. We lit up, our blue bodies lit up for ten seconds and that was it. It was so weird and my husband could not stop laughing when I told him about the dream.

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With spirits as cheerleaders

We are not much of a public-fornicating kind of couple. This one recurrent dream I have is fornicating in an abandoned bus stand with spirits around. Like the spirits of ghosts all around the bus and we are having performance sex as the spirits cheer on. It is so crazy and I never wanted to understand what the dream meant.

Revenge sex

I had been expelled from school for a month when I was in high school. This dream I had is with the Father Principal who had expelled me. I had tremendous hate for that man and the dream was unnervingly erotic. And in my dream, I enjoyed him as much as he enjoyed having me and we did it right in his office room. I woke up questioning if I was gay. I hate my subconscious now.

With a gay man

My sex dream included a guy who happened to be gay. Well, I had met him once or twice and one fine night I dreamt we were doing it on the terrace of our building. Don’t know why I dreamt it but in my dream, he was not gay at all. I never spoke about it to anyone. He was pretty much the best sex I have had in my life (well, in my dream life, at least).

With my first boyfriend

Nothing gets creepier than dreaming about a sex-dream with my very first boyfriend. So in my dream, I am the 24 year old me and my guy is the 16 year old boyfriend I had in school. We were back in the chemistry lab, (where we made out for the first time) and we got all hot and heavy. I still cannot get the picture of me doing a 17 year old schooler out of my head. It was icky and freaked me out a bit.

With a celebrity

One time I dreamt I was having sex with Shah Rukh Khan from Baazigar, while riding a white horse. I felt the to and fro movement very vividly. It was not very good, I mean the fact that I had sex with SRK in my dream was good, but the overall experience gives me the hibiby-jibies.
The only thing to do after you get dreams like these, is to have a tall glass of water, calm your mind and go back to sleep.

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