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10 people share how they felt the night before their wedding

From getting cold feet to feeling normal to being confused, people told us their ‘Mann ki Baat’ on their wedding eve.
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Honest confessions about the night before the wedding

The eve of one’s wedding is ideally a once a lifetime occasion and can cause a myriad of emotions.

We asked our friends, the married ones, about what went through their mind the night before the wedding and this is what we found out. We promised anonymity and boy did we get the truth!

(As told to the writer, some answers are translated)

1.  I was excited.

It felt like I was standing at the top of a cliff ready to jump and yet I was looking forward to it because I knew I’d not be jumping alone and there was the rest of my life there waiting to catch me.

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2. Cold feet.

I hate to say this but I was having second thoughts. I mean look at the statistics and the reality of women in our world. Marriage doesn’t always mean great things for our careers and apart from my boyfriend and our dog, my job was my greatest love. I didn’t want it to be affected negatively. So there was this hour or so when I was wondering if I was doing the right thing.

man foot feeling cold

I’m not proud of this bit but I was too drunk to care. (Laughter) Me and my girlfriends decided it would be our night and after the parents went to sleep we opened this bottle of single malt. The rest of it is hazy. I was excited, happy and then drunk. (more laughter)

3. I couldn’t wait.

I had been proposing to her for the last three years. We were together for what, seven, seven and a half years and I was just impatient. I couldn’t wait to be married to her. It was the only missing piece of the puzzle for me.

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4. I did something that I regret

I, uh. You’re not going to name me right? (We assured this person that we won’t). Well, okay. It was a rebound the wedding. I had broken up with my ex about two months before and my parents found my partner for me and I am happy, I’m so happy now but I had to say goodbye so I called my ex and we… We had sex one last time. I’m sorry for it in a way but the sex was so bad it kinda made the whole thing clearer. It really was over.

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5. All the sex

Look, I’m a lawyer and I take things step by step logically so I was prepared for the ceremony and all but I had – I hadn’t done it before. I was a virgin and I was grappling with the possibility of not being one anymore. Thank God it all turned out okay. My spouse was so gentle and understanding. It was great.

6. I was hungry

It’s going to sound funny but in our community the bride fasts for a long bit before the marriage so I had had my meal and was fasting and all I could think about was food. It was ridiculous. I couldn’t stop thinking about eating dal-rice if you can believe it. This made the wedding feast taste even better though, so it was good in a way.

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7. I was sad.

I was getting married to a man who lived abroad and I knew he lived abroad but the idea of moving out from my parents’ home and the country, it really hit me that night when I was lying in my bed. It had a sense of finality to it, which was sad. I wept and even though I love my husband and knew this was going to happen, it wasn’t an easy thing to digest.

lady crying in bed
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8. I was okay

I got married late in life and that too to my live-in girlfriend. It wasn’t going to change the main thing that changes for most people that is the live-in situation, so I was okay. I was happy and was looking forward to declaring the love in front of everyone, but apart from that, I didn’t have this overwhelming feeling that most people say they feel.

9. I was a confused and conflicted mess

I know it sounds weird, but I felt like I was two different people that night. On one hand, I was so scared at the changes this was going to cause but we had been together for so long, it was like, I couldn’t wait for the rest of our lives to start. I was playing that dream of ours, having kids, settling down and building an empire together. That’s what I was thinking about and at the same time, I was terrified at the idea of not being this separate person. I was going to be a part of a unit and it was that that scared and excited me at the same time.

10. Blackout.

I’m not proud of this bit but I was too drunk to care. (Laughter) Me and my girlfriends decided it would be our night and after the parents went to sleep we opened this bottle of single malt.

The rest of it is hazy. I was excited, happy and then drunk. (more laughter)

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