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The country where I live in never had much importance of Valentine’s Day till 5 years ago. Since last 5 to 6 years people are very much into that day because of Valentine’s week. Well, if you are in love, every single day is a valentine’s day. You don’t need a particular day to express your love to someone special. However, everything is not flowers and unicorns and twinkling starts but what makes it worth is how you add your unique touch to it.

To me, a perfect valentine’s day is where I can be with my loved ones, sharing yummy food, a glass of wine(though I haven’t tried, I would like to one day) and endless talks. For me, it is not about being with someone who would bring me roses or chocolates or take me shopping, it is about being with the people with whom I can sit in sweatshirt watching pathetic movies and farting without fear of being judged.

Sitting on a park bench with your friend trying to perceive what other couples would be talking about or sharing the love of books with someone who will inspire you to try the different genre that you dislike. Watching Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai with your family and laughing at the sarcastic comments of Maya or going on a walk with the person who would hold your hand and lightly rub your fingers. This all little things make the Valentine’s Day special.

At times, Valentine’s Day also consists of me watching the seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S back to back and at times it consists of taking a leap of faith with a blind date and giving him a chance to show that it can work out. Yes, it is a special occasion because it is labelled as a day of love but if you really love someone you need not wait for a day to show it. A perfect Valentine’s Day is just like any other normal day where you go to work, meet the people you love, make time for the activities you love and take risks where they are needed to take. It need not be special because if you are living a life where every day is special, Valentine’s Day is just a regular day.

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