Pet Names For Couples: Cute Couple Nicknames For Him And Her

pet names for couples
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‘Won won’, ‘Catnip’, or even ‘Mrs. Darcy’, pet names for couples rarely make sense. You could spend days trying to understand the evolution of such names but there’d be little point to it. Nicknames rarely follow rules of grammar and most of them come to life from a random incident (read Starbucks’ baristas messing up your names). Nicknames are meant to be used affectionately, not dissected in a linguistics class.

“What’s in a name?” said Shakespeare. But nicknames often have more substance than names. Nicknames, even if they’re not logical, tell a story of their own. Unlike names that are given to a person, a nickname is earned. Unless it’s one of those shortened versions of a name – like Robert becomes Rob. But doesn’t your love deserve more creativity than that?

Romantic Pet Names For Lovers

Pet names for couples have come a long way from ‘beloved’ to ‘bae’. Terms of endearment have been observed to create a positive effect on a relationship. Research has suggested a direct correlation between interpersonal love language and satisfaction in relationships. They observed that ‘idiosyncratic communication’, i.e., nicknames, expressions of affection, and any other ‘couple speak’ or phrases or jokes developed within the relationship are associated with relationship satisfaction. Let’s check out a few:

1. Muffin and donut

If both of you have a sweet tooth, names of desserts could be good ideas for pet names for couples. Some other examples could be ‘Mishti Doi’ and ‘Payasam’, ‘Pumpkin Pie’ and ‘Caramel Cake’, or if you’re a Harry Potter fan, then ‘Liquorice Wand’ and ‘Treacle Tart’ would do well for you. This could also be a cute way to say “I like you” over text.

2. Duke and duchess

Move over prince and princess. Use the highest hereditary title as a cute couple name for boyfriend and girlfriend. More titles that you could use could be ‘Earl’ and ‘Countess’, ‘Knight’ and ‘Dame’, and ‘Baron’ and ‘Baroness’.

3. Cathy and Heathcliff

Something for the bookworm souls. You could also choose a less star-crossed couple for pet names for couples, like ‘Miss Bennet’ and ‘Mr. Darcy’, or something not-so-romantic like ‘Ishmael’ and ‘Moby Dick’. Maybe an idea for matching bios for couples.

4. Beau and mi Amor

For couples who belong to different nationalities, a great idea would be to use terms of endearment from their language or from their significant other’s. Other examples include ‘Estimado’, ‘Papi’, ‘Schatz’, ‘Eazizi’, or affectionate words from any languages that you are familiar with. It’s not just a cute way to address each other but you also get to explore the culture of your loved one.

5. Captain Peach-butt and Catwoman

If both of you are into superhero culture, then maybe you can adopt a few superhero names to match your personality. This could be such a fun thing to do as a couple. Though, it’d be advisable to keep these pet names for couples in the bedroom if they’re sexually suggestive.

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6. ‘My sun and stars’ and ‘moon of my life’

These terms of endearments from the series Games of Thrones could be found on merchandise everywhere after the first season. If you’re into fantasy, you could use nicknames from fantasy books or series for each other. 

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7. Cherry blossom and buttercup

You can never go wrong with flower names to suggest romance. Some people wrongfully consider flower names to be effeminate. Pet names for couples don’t have to follow conservative gender roles.

8. My lord and my lady

For the couple who is big for the formality of the British class system. Salutations like these or ‘Your Honor’ and ‘Your Grace’ would work perfectly for you. This would be such a cute thing to say to your boyfriend.

9. Bobby and Bobby

Something that you could do is to use the same nickname for each other if you want unique pet names for couples. I remember reading Those Pricey Thakur Girls by Anuja Chauhan and coming across this interfaith couple in it who used the nickname ‘Bobby’. This couple found their story similar to the 70s Bollywood movie Bobby and decided to use the same nickname for each other. Useless but fun fact, my husband and I use the nickname ‘Poopy’ for each other. The name came into being the day both of us contracted diarrhea and we decided to keep score of who pooped more in a day. The bottom line is, love is stupid.

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10. Charm boy and Stats

The best thing to use for pet names for couples is to use the personality traits of your significant other. While reading Bet Me by Jennifer Cruise, I realized that everyone had some sort of nickname that suggested their personalities like ‘Charm boy’ for the charming Cal who everyone thought was a womanizer, and ‘Stats’ for Min who would constantly throw statistical facts at people. And it was the same for their couple friends. So, try to choose a nickname that goes with their personality.

Cute Couple Nicknames For Him

One needs to ensure that their partner likes the nickname as well. Researchers show that using nicknames that are ‘cutesy’ can increase the attraction one’s partner feels for them. However, using nicknames with obvious discriminatory connotations can make someone feel inferior. Names like ‘chick’ and ‘tootsie’ often carry a misogynistic air. 

Many cultures and ideologies believe that naming things has immense power and that when this power is used by people who wish to exploit it for their own gain, seemingly cute pet names for couples and other nomenclature-related interactions can cause significant harm. It’s best to look for verbal and non-verbal cues to ensure your partner likes their nickname. Here are cute nicknames for men, though you can use some of them for your partner regardless of their gender.

1. Babyface

If your boyfriend or husband is one of those people whose face looks like it hasn’t aged a day since he was born, then maybe this nickname will work great for him. It’s just a super cute way to express your feelings to someone you love.

2. Dumpling

Dumpling or momo or dim sum are great pet names for couples if your man is one of those chubby guys who look cute all the time, and all you want to do is to squeeze those cheeks (pun intended). 

3. McDreamy

Grey’s Anatomy fans will remember this one. The name suits a man who is full of charm and has great looks. The kind of man a person would dream of. This pet name could also be left on cute notes for him that would surprise your man everyday.

4. Mr. Big

Why not do it Carrie’s way? If your guy is what everyone calls the next Mr. So-and-so, who is likely to get every item on his to-do list done before he turns 30, Mr. Big as a pet name for couples works great for him.

5. Teddy bear

Take a leaf out of Elvis’ notebook and call him your teddy bear. Tell him he reminds you of the teddy bear you slept with in your childhood. Ever so soft and always present to ward off any monsters under the bed.

6. Yum-yum

Another great name for your man if you think he’s so cute that you could just eat him up. Or ‘Nom-nom’ if he loves food. It could be one of those cute nicknames to call your boyfriend.

7. Rio

If you are a Money Heist fan or maybe a ServiceNow Developer, city names work great too as pet names for couples. Particularly the names of the characters of the show.

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8. Butters

Fun fact, in certain cultures, butter is often used as a term of endearment. Another cute name for your guy is Butters if he’s just as soft and makes everything smooth and decadent.

9. Hot Pie

Game of Thrones added a lot of words to the modern lexicon. But, Hot Pie as a couple nickname for him is an underdog. This works really well for your guy if he’s great at baking hot pies. A major reason that women are attracted to men who cook.

10. Hunky-dory

One of the cute pet names for couples that not only suggests cuteness but is also a term used to express satisfaction.

cute couple names for boyfriend and girlfriend
Using cute nicknames for your girlfriend or wife can be considered an assurance of a stable relationship

Cute Couple Nicknames For Her

Nicknames connote an intimacy reserved for partners in a relationship. Often, nicknames also suggest normalcy in a relationship. Many people can recognize the hints of trouble when their first names or full names are used by their significant others. So, as long as none of the partners have an issue with the nickname, any pet names for couples can be adopted, and usage over time will become a code for a relaxed environment. 

Using cute nicknames for your girlfriend or wife can be considered an assurance of a stable relationship. Almost like a relaxation gift to relieve stress. Here are cute nicknames for women, though you can use a few of them for your partner regardless of their gender.

1. Sassy girl

Fans of Korean Cinema would recognize this. If your girl is sassy or cheeky or just plain badass in cute unicorn shorts, then this could be the name for her.

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2. Angel eyes

Angel eyes would work great as a pet name for couples if you think she is an angel that landed on Earth to take care of you.

3. Galway girl

You could always use names representing your girl’s roots to show affection to your partner. Ed Sheeran did. So, if your girl uses ‘wee’ and ‘grand’ a bit too often in that delicious Irish accent, this is the name for her. 

4. Barbie

If your girl looks like a full-sized Barbie or is crazy about these dolls (grown-up women are allowed to like dolls), then it could be the name for her.

5. Shortie

Do not underestimate short girls. They compensate for the short height by doing death-defying stunts just to get that jar from the high shelf. And isn’t it so adorable to hug them? This could be a cute pet name for couples.

6. Tall glass of water

If your girl is what makes you relaxed on a hot, tiring day, like a tall glass of water, then this is the name for her. This nickname could also be a great tip for dating a taller woman.

7. Baby girl

As much as I have said ‘ugh’ to 365 Days, I can’t deny how great it would be to get called ‘Baby girl’ by someone hot like Massimo, but who doesn’t belong to a mafia family or thinks that Stockholm syndrome is a great way to get a girl to fall in love with you.

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8. Chocolate

This name works well for a woman if you think she’s as sweet and smooth as chocolate. However, if you’re white, I would recommend not using such pet names for couples on the basis of skin color. You could mean it as a compliment, but it may have racist connotations.

9. Spring

This could mean either the beautiful season that you associate with the relationship you have with your girlfriend or just the fact that she is constantly excited and wants to try new things. You could use this name while writing a love paragraph for her.

10. Sassenach

For the Outlander fans out there, this is a pet name for couples if you are Scottish and she is from a different land. You could also try similar names in your language as long as they’re not offensive or have problematic roots.

Funny Couple Nickname

Nicknames can also be nostalgic of good times. Using a nickname from a funny incident or an inside joke may help keep the love alive during trying times. Ensure that you use cute couple names for boyfriend and girlfriend that don’t carry a negative connotation. Avoid using pet names for couples that are reminders of embarrassing incidents. A lot of us make this mistake and do such mean things in the name of love.

1. Popsicle

I had a friend Poppy whom everyone called Popsicle. If your significant other has a name that can be linked to something fun, do that. 

2. Honeybun

Isn’t honeybun the cutest pet name for couples you’ve heard? This could also be something teasing if your partner has the habit of wearing buns. Giving each other nicknames is also part of the 9 crucial stages of a long-term relationship.

3. Choo choo

If your partner is obsessed with trains and keeps raving about them with whoever they meet, maybe this could be a really cute nickname for them.

4. Better half

A pet name for couples who have no issues in agreeing that their partner is indeed the better half in the relationship. Calling each other by such nicknames could be a lovely way to date your spouse or partner.

5. Angry Bird

You know when a person is so cute-looking that somehow they look cuter and way adorable when they’re angry? If your partner is like that, then this is the name for them.

6. Captain Cook

If your significant other is good in the kitchen, or if their cooking was the reason you connected with them, then such pet names for couples would work well. Cooking together can also be a cute fall date idea to keep your romance alive.

7. Alexa

You can call them Alexa if they appear to know everything and are constantly offering well-meaning advice. Better remember to not use this nickname around the AI device to avoid confusion.

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8. Liquid

If your partner gets angry at the smallest thing but ends up looking cuter or even funnier during those times, then Liquid is the name. Because Liquids tend to boil when heated. Like the Angry bird, Liquid is another pet name for couples that will suit this cute, angry person. 

9. Squirrel

This is a great name if your partner has hoarder tendencies and appears to be cunning at getting things from people. But don’t use it as a pick-up line for guys since a stranger may not take well to being called a rodent.

10. Martini

Or Cosmo, or LIIT. Any cocktail name can be used as pet names for couples if they tend to turn into a different human being after a few drinks.

Sexy Couple Nicknames

Pet names for couples are not just nicknames you use because the original name is too long (though understandable). They’re supposed to be code names that only you and your partner understand. This adds an additional layer of intimacy to your relationship and so, must be chosen carefully.

1. Steamrunner

A great name for someone who makes you feel as if you’ve been standing in a sauna with just a look. This could be one of the sexy names to give him for more intimacy or for her when she uses that come-hither look on you.

2. Atlas

If your partner has a body that looks like it could lift the world, then this is probably the pet name for couples you could call him with.

3. Cowboy/girl

Cowboys have been the epitome of masculine sexuality for as long as I can remember. I don’t even have to explain the sexy connotations of a cowgirl – this would make a great couple nickname for her.

4. Sugar daddy/mama

This could be a pet name for couples who have a large age gap and do not care about what others think of them. It could also be a sweet thing to say to your girlfriend in a text.

5. Sir/madam

Something for those who are into BDSM and won’t say no to a sexual power play. More such terms could be ‘Master’ and ‘Mistress’.

cute pet names for couples

6. Senpai

If you’re familiar with Japanese Manga, this term has been around for a while now. Though it literally means someone senior, don’t be surprised if you were to find a Hentai using this term for a sexually aroused but physically toned demon.

7. Alpha

For someone who has read too many fantasy novels and has been using werewolves and vampires as Halloween costumes for couples, Alpha sounds like just the right pet name for couples.

8. Firepants

I had a habit of saying “Liar, liar, pants on fire” to my husband. He began to claim that his pants were always on fire. And, that’s how he became known as Firepants in the bedroom.

9. Officer McNaughty

Another nickname for those role-playing nights where you pretend to have been caught going over the speed limit and can’t pay. Or for the days outside the bedroom for better sex life.

10. Rosebud

Depending on which decade we’re talking about, it could mean sexual organs of either male or female body. It could be the secret pet name for couples which could mean a sexy night after a long time.

You could choose a generic nickname for your significant other like ‘babe’, ‘honeybun’, or ‘muffin’ or think of unique pet names for couples. Something that generates from their name is always great, like Marshmallow and Lilypad from Marshall and Lily in How I Met Your Mother. But do ensure that your partner doesn’t have any issues with the nickname as this is one of the must-follow healthy relationship boundaries. In spite of what Shakespeare said, there’s a whole power play in a nickname.

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