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Photo story: An ode to caring husbands


It was only a fever. But it was bad. I could see concern on your face. But I needed comfort.

So you took a minute and then you swung into action.

You remembered that I prefer natural remedies. So you made me some fever-relieving tea recommended by my Ayurvedic doctor.


You made me my comfort food and served it with your signature warmth.


Mom used to always make khichdi when we were unwell. So did you.


And your comforting hands added the icing on the cold compress.


The fever took its course but your love and care during those days made it easy to get through. Even now I suspect it was the warmth of your love that cured me more than anything else.

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Those who say men are not emotional and caring haven’t met you and the many husbands that can prove them wrong. This is an ode to all of you, the knights in shining armours that can hold kitchen knives and cold compresses just as well as they can hold a sword.

Words and pictures by Anupama Kondayya.

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