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#Phullu Let’s talk about menstrual hygiene. Why shy away, support this film!


Phullu – A film talking about sense seems to have become a bone of contention for our censor board. Why should we have a problem with a film that needs to be shown and talked about? Women across the country are asking for tax free sanitary napkins and yet the government seems to have turned a blind eye. Now when a film is trying to do what the government should be going, the cause is lost in the garb of certification.

Those who have seen the film are full of praise for the way it has been made. Many feel it should be shown across schools to educate women on menstrual hygiene. We totally support this thought and hail the efforts of the production team that dared to come out with a film like #Phullu.

Why is it then when it comes to problems faced by women, it’s not a priority for society?

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Why don’t we understand that they go through a lot as a girl, daughter, mother, mother-in-law and even those who are forced to work as prostitutes? Men fall for women but when it comes to looking at the other side of their life most turn away. For a relationship to prosper, both men and women should understand each other’s problems, talk about them and work towards finding a solution. This film offers one, but how many are willing to take it hands down?

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Tips for an odourless vagina

Hygiene mistakes you might be making before, during or after intimacy

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