Pictures of this gay couple from Germany getting married will melt your heart today!

According to BBC reports, on July 21, the German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier signed a bill allowing same-sex couples to marry. On October 1st the law came into effect. Registry offices that are usually closed on Sundays started opening in Germany as an exception.

Karle Kreile, 59, and Bodo Mende, 60, became Germany’s first gay couple to take the marriage vows in Berlin’s Schöneberg town hall. This couple had been in a relationship for 38 years, 25 years of which were spent struggling in an attempt to marry and raise awareness about the issue.

To celebrate the ray of hope that came after years of being turned down at registry offices, they decided to have a symbolic rainbow-themed wedding.

The table in front of the couple carried their marriage vows in rainbow flags and their wedding cake was also rainbow coloured and read ‘Marriage for all’.

Germany had allowed same-sex partners to enter registered partnerships in 2001. However, the couples were excluded from tax benefits, adoption rights and other privileges, which they are now entitled to under the recent marriage law.

Gay couple from Germany
(Twitter / Lea Albrecht)

Mende now hopes that the rest of the world will raise its LGBT flags and follow Germany.


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