What PMS does to Indian women!

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Many of my ex-boyfriends have complained about my mood swings and erratic behaviour during my periods. Often referred to as “that time of the month”, some men are terrified of it. News flash – we are not a big fan of it either. The bloody underwear splatter, the gnawing pain in the stomach and the unquenchable thirst for fast food and sleep are all part of the fun package arriving once a month. Of course, the pain is common to all. The emotional baggage, however, is different for different people.

In scientific terms, PMS, or premenstrual syndrome refers to the physical or emotional changes that occur in women during the hormonal changes throughout the month. The exact reason for PMS is still not known, which is why many consider PMS as a myth. If bloating, breakout of acne, irritability, fatigue, major psychological and physical changes do not bring out the monster in you once a month, you belong to the rare, titanium-strong group of women. For the rest of us, PMS is a real thing and not a myth, and no, we do not use PMS as an excuse to be bitches once a month.

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Women share with Bonobology what PMS does to them

1.Taking days off is out of the question

I call it “about bloody time”. I am a professor and have classes to teach. So taking days off is out of the question. During PMS, I keep my emotions in check and do not let student behaviour affect me. But my very understanding husband respects my emotional outbursts at home during that time. I have learnt to be very patient. It took me years to keep the PMS buddy in check.

2. Hot water bag and loads of green tea & chocolate

Feels like there is a monster playing dagger-drumming against my uterus walls. I please it with a hot water bag and loads of green tea and ample amounts of chocolate. Of course, once I yelled at an old woman who was walking incredibly slowly in front of me. I felt terrible but I walked away.

3. The monster boss at work 

Got pissed at my boss for giving me major workload. So I got back at him by working till 11 on the weekends, until he told me to go home. Revenge accomplished!

4. I stuff myself with food

I gain weight during my periods. I stuff myself with food everywhere. I have chocolates in my bag, hot chips packets in store, tub full of ice cream (even though the cold ice cream makes it even worse). I eat panipuris, bhelpuri and tomato sauce mixed together. I even had Maggi with pizza once because why not?

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5. I yelled at my boyfriend

“Because he had downloaded the wrong kind of movie. I had asked for a 1080p and he had done 480p. I made him sit in the verandah (by telling him “mere saamne bhi mat aana jab tak 1080p naa mile”) until he downloaded the entire movie. By the time, he was done, I was fast asleep on the couch.

6. A movie had brought me to tears 

When I was PMS-ing, my mother caught me crying while watching Rang de Basanti. She felt so terrible she took me shopping.

7. I did not want to go to work

I rode up and down in the elevator because I did not want to go to work that day. I finally got off the elevator when my supervisor caught me riding the elevator for half an hour.

8. I cry every time I watch Titanic 

I cry every time I watch Titanic during my PMS. It is like a ritual for me.

9. I cried in the middle of an Uber journey

Because the songs being played were too depressing. The driver had to stop the car and ask me what was wrong.

10. I got mad at my boyfriend

Because he got palak saag instead of methi saag. I left the room in my pyjamas and caught a late-night movie and put my phone on silent. By the time I got back home, he had called all of my friends and my sister’s husband was out looking for me. I got yelled at by my sister for doing that.

So, if you are feeling irritable during your “about bloody time”, know you are not alone. You have 3 million women in the world facing the same symptoms as you are. So buckle up. Being a woman is not easy. But to get through this, every month, for 30 years at a stretch, is an achievement. We can take a little pride in that.

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