Poetry Contest on the theme – ‘Confessions’

Poetry contest
Poetry contest


Calling all poets!! Here is a poetry contest specially for you, brought to you in association with Rhythm Divine Poets<.

Theme of your poems is ‘Confessions’.

The poem should have around 10 to 12 lines.

Submit your poem as a comment below and stand a chance to win Amazon gift vouchers worth Rs 500.

Last date for submission is 26th Jan, 2018.


Readers Comments On “Poetry Contest on the theme – ‘Confessions’”

  1. The drape of tranquility fall off myself, Goosebumps erupt all over my flesh.
    Sweat beads dot my forhead; my heart freezes and melts,
    As I think of the evenings we met on the verge of outbreak.
    I lament the times I disallowed you to osculate and oscillate in the drapes of my urge and guileless.
    I lament those ‘nos’ ,the ‘what ifs’ and ‘so’.
    I confess, in the darkest hour of erotevmenos and bereavement.

  2. Stotropama Mukherjee


    An Affair

    A cup. A spoon. Stirring.
    A coffee, a conversation
    Beautiful minds are offered
    A clink. A sip.
    As the evening progresses
    A fork sinks
    Into the sinful pastry
    I’m off diet, you see
    A delicious afternoon
    Followed by a suckling evening
    Wine and night
    No, there I stop. We stop
    Promises like handcuffs hold
    Wherever it may lead
    As a river to the sea
    We can’t flow
    Promises like necktie, necklace
    Like noose
    I stop. We stop.
    We won’t know what future holds.

  3. Tazamul Sarfaraz

    If we could have walked a few more mile,
    And if you could have heard my silent hums,
    You would have known,
    That I would always be there for you on the other side of the aisle.

    Red was the new blue for me,
    Coffee was my daily wine,
    If only we could have walked a few more steps,
    Am sure you would have been mine.

    Summers we’re now not as hot,
    But had I had the courage to confess my feelings for you,
    You would have known,
    That you were my one true love of whom I spoke about.

  4. भाग दौड़ की ज़िंदगी मे कभी रुककर नही देखा
    किसी के लिए मैंने कभी झुककर नही देखा
    वो बीमार फुटपाथ पे बेहोश पड़ा था
    मैं दफ्तर को चला और मुड़कर नही देखा
    ना पूछा हाल उसका जो फुटपाथ पे सोता है
    बेघर है वो, उसने कभी घर नही देखा
    मैं पेट भर के खाता हूं, वो भूक से तड़पता है
    कई हफ़्तों से उसने खाना चखकर नही देखा
    और मैं शिकायते करता हूँ, के दुनिया बड़ी ज़ालिम है
    ऐसे हालातो से मैं गुज़रकर नही देखा
    बड़ा नेक समझता है यह ज़माना मुझको
    मेरी खामियों को कोई मुझसे बेहतर नही देखा
    -Sk Altafuddin

  5. The eyes witnessed that crime,
    your smell lingered with mine.
    Below the sky, above gravity,
    The breeze felt your insanity.
    The sea waves tickled my toes,
    butterflies inside, my body froze.
    Yes, together our voice echoed.
    A drop a tear, got lost again,
    down my eye, near the sea,
    amidst the rain.
    But I no longer feared,
    to confess my love in the end,
    You stood there,
    Just to watch my tears,
    getting lost in the rain.
    I confessed to love you,
    even if it was a crime.

  6. #i_masturbated
    “why little girls are sent into sex trafficking?”
    I debated.
    When no one being there
    I typed young and fair
    Tight teen pussy;round tussy
    And I masturbated.

    “Treat every women with great respect”
    I agitated.
    I saw a young women’s lingerie
    In her see-through dress, behind a door
    I imagined to fuck her like a whore
    And then I masturbated.

    I masturbated over that uncensored, mms video clip.
    I masturbated when her vagina was ripped.
    I masturbated when her blouse was undrapped.
    I masturbated when that girl was raped.
    I masturbated;never to quench my sexual desire,
    I masturbated;only to conceal my wicked attire.
    I am you.

  7. Evading….
    Yet to realize what do I fail
    to keep you happy
    devoid of tears, devoid of happiness
    making you not to feel the hunger
    and provide with love rich diet
    stealthily sailing in the wings of time
    I wish to allocate quality time
    to love and to be loved by you
    closed valves at love heart
    seeks you at heartbeats

  8. অভিজিৎ রায়

    লিখতে বসা হাজার হিসেব
    শূন্যে উড়ে প্লেন বানায়।
    আদতে যে বড্ড বোকা
    সামনাসামনি প্রেম জানায়।

    দুটো কথায় আটকে যাওয়া
    স্ক্রিপ্ট যে সঙ্গ দিচ্ছে না,
    তোতলানোটা জোর করে
    মোটেই আমার ইচ্ছে না।

    হেঁয়ালি থাকুক প্ল্যানমাফিক
    চাই সবাই ধন্দে থাক।
    ডাইরি ছিঁড়ি রোজ রাতেই,
    ছবি গুলো ধেবড়ে যাক।

  9. Kalai Selvi Arivalagan

    Take charge of you…
    Could your vacant soul realize
    how connections were
    severed once again –
    Revealing negative notes
    gripped our hearts with pain.
    Tear puffed eyelids
    hid views with a trail of salt.
    Dry tear marks on either cheeks
    invite me once again
    to wipe away
    streaks of sorrow
    forever from your life!
    Allow me to take charge
    and bring you into my hold!

  10. #ContestAlert #RhythmDivinePoets #Confessions

    Yes,I Became Selfish

    We meet new people everyday in our life…
    Some for short period of time,some for long !!!!!
    People come and go,
    Some cares for us,some not !!!
    Some have good heart,some don’t have !!!!
    Some are pretending that they loves us to much,
    But,indeed, they don’t !!!!!

    I grew up slowly,within my circle,
    Made many friends – who all were good….
    Coz we were not ripen still and, I could not even find any obstacles…
    But now, things have been changed !!!!
    Everyone become selfish……

    I knew each and everyone had their own motive…
    If someone loves you,that person also have some intention….
    Which you don’t know – FAKE LOVE AND CARE.. huh !!!

    No one thinks of others,
    neither they thinks of their own people…
    We are so called independent,have self respect….
    the so called endeavour,not for all,but for self !!!!!

    So,I knew this,kept in mind,
    Adapted for this world,accepted everyone as they are,
    Tuned to be the same as others,
    Great, I’m SELFISH now….
    So.. I’m really grown up now..
    I became selfish now…
    Coz the world made me selfish !!!!!
    Are You SELFISH ??????????

  11. The way you stare at me,
    The way we love..
    The way you become my secret,
    The way I give you my heart.
    Whenever I see you,
    My heart smiles,
    My heart beats a little faster,
    I still fall for you to the miles.
    Many memories down the lane,
    But I cherished with you is forever in my brain.

  12. No, I never loved. Pretence was a forte since stage days
    I kissed you on the forehead, ensured a free fall
    Held you tight, didn’t let go under dire circumstances
    Fed your narcissistic self, patted the depressed counterpart
    I painted for you a rainbow when all you could see was grey
    Yes, you did love. You do.
    I shed my practiced crocodile tears when you bleed
    I spend on you like you matter.
    Because, at the end of the day when I sleep
    I want to fool myself into believing that
    Happiness didn’t escape me.

  13. I tell my story
    With rhyming poetry.
    I let them enjoy,
    The verses that made me cry.

    I feel I should write,
    To survive another lone night.
    I wish I could sleep,
    But the nightmare runs deep.

    The cuts are deeper, still red.
    Again, this morning, I bled.
    I smile, hiding the scars and tear.
    You know me, yet I am unclear.

  14. Greeting the moist night air by the window, the moon confessed to me,
    “You don’t rest your glory on my glimpse anymore”, it said,
    “You have replaced me with somebody”, it said,
    “The clouds are between us”, it said.

    Walking on the street that leads me to your door, the trees confessed to me,
    “You are not the man you were”, they said,
    “You don’t climb our worn out branches anymore”, they said,
    “Your eyes can never lie”, they said.

    Little do the moon and the trees know
    that everything beautiful melts into a long river and ends at the ocean of your eyes
    And this, is my confession to you.

  15. तुमने कहा तुम जाना चाहते हो
    क्या बोलूँ इस बात पर !
    सोचने के लिए भी वक़्त कम था
    और तुमको ना रोकूँ
    ये मेरा भी अहम था

    तुम्हे भी याद होगा शायद
    वो बेसिर पैर वाली ,घंटो घंटो बात
    तुम्हारे जाने के बाद
    मेरा सब कुछ चला गया है तुम्हारे साथ

    कितना भी समेट लूँ उनको करीने से
    फिर भी आज भी तुम्हारी खुशबू बिखरेती यादे होती हैं
    नहीं चाहते हुए भी मेरी बातों में
    आज भी तुम्हारी मासूमियत की बाते होती हैं

  16. An emotional to be felt,
    A fear unsaid.
    A true feeling or a Poisson so slow,
    That never lets you grow.
    And one is within me that don’t let me live,
    I confess to you Dear, not up to the mark I could give…
    From childhood to all I am today, you stayed with me,
    A doctorate , philosophy , master and what not, I have degrees for free ….
    “Itni padhi likhi home bhi tum ghar baithi ho”
    That is what I hear from all,
    I really feel bad to make your status fall.
    Sorry my dear “MY STUDY”,,,,,, I Do Not Work ,,,,,to you I Confess….

    But for My family ,
    I am a housewife , I am a bless !!!

  17. An emotional to be felt,
    A fear unsaid.
    A true feeling or a Poisson so slow,
    That never lets you grow.
    And one is within me that don’t let me live,
    I confess to you Dear, not up to the mark I could give…
    From childhood to all I am today, you stated with me,
    A doctorate , philosophy , master and what not, I have degrees for free ….
    “Itni padhi likhi home bhi tum that baithi ho”
    That is what I from all,
    I really feel bad to make your status fall.
    Sorry my dear “MY STUDY”, I do not work , to you I Confess….
    But for My family I am a housewife , I am a bless !!!

  18. Death didn’t do us part:

    Six decades of a joint life
    we spent as husband and wife
    The children grew up and took paths of their own
    you and I were left helpless to fend alone
    your memory was fading
    and my teeth were coming loose
    Money over and mortgage unpaid
    only tightened the noose
    Each other was really all we had
    with you suddenly gone I am really sad
    This void is now a hole I just can’t fill
    though I know I’ll join you soon, but still

  19. Love won’t lie:

    I don’t wish to wear those earrings
    I’d like to always wear the pants
    They all think I should behave like a girl
    But what matters is who You think I am
    I like your red lipstick
    and I like your sweet voice
    Would you stand by me
    if I made you my choice?
    Love doesn’t mind
    that we are two girls
    You’re are all I’ll ever need
    though we’ll shunned by this world

  20. Untold:

    I wanted to tell you but I never tried
    so many emotions I did not have to hide
    For what if you did not understand
    what if you refused to hold my hand
    Perhaps you would have laughed it away
    perhaps you would have had nothing to say
    Or worse still, there was someone else
    how could I know who in heart really dwells
    So deep in my soul you’ve stayed buried
    far and away I have you with me carried
    But today I find it’s just all too hard to hold
    everything that day to you I should have told

  21. Every day he looked at her , sun kissed and fresh like morning dew..
    His heart skipped a beat but words were always too few..
    He was sure he had fallen in love with this constant thud in his chest..
    Just waiting for the right time to confess.

    She laughed , she twirled , she was lost in her own world..
    Little did she know , his eyes kept noticing her..
    She was like the ray of hope that made him feel blessed..
    He kept waiting for the right time to confess..

    Years passed, she finally found the love of her life..
    All his dreams of a happy future shattered in a while..
    He missed the right time , just left with a deep regret..
    How he wished to go back in time and CONFESS!

  22. She waited for his call or at least a text..
    Those days stretched long and nights felt dead..
    She knew it deep inside , their love was long gone..
    He was still her husband , tied wit the strongest bond..

    They posed for pictures , they attended family gatherings,
    but she craved to find in his eyes , that same passion and belonging..
    It was a matter of time she knew,
    This facade will end in a day or two..

    She made her heart strong to accept the reality..
    He just fell out of love and chose infidelity..
    ‘I am a strong woman’ she said as she bid him goodbye,
    He would never know , his confession broke something deep inside..

  23. Isaac Kilibwa - Yitzhak Gate


    I killed a man, father, I did profane,
    I stabbed a few, father, that sat on pews…
    I tortured them, slowly, in my lame story –

    I created men, I moulded monsters!

    I have made children sleep on empty stomachs
    and have raped little kids on guilty road tracks,
    I have coveted the inconceivable –

    Have waltzed with alley cats, I slept with whorey rats!

    This tight rope I walk does not stop to choke,
    My limbs hang limp, a flickering lamp.
    Forgive me father, for I have sinned,

    Have plenty mercy, for I played god!

  24. Confessions.

    Here is the answer you have been
    Looking for in stars and in burnt doors
    To our bedroom:
    I have been cheating-
    On myself
    With you for the longest time.
    So I am leaving my half- eaten soul for further consumption now
    At your feet and I am flying away
    To the calling mountains with the Goddess left in me.

  25. Rachana Chakraborty


    #Contest Poetry

    Mind goes hay ward,
    Body fails to react
    When I hear you pasting sweet curd,
    To all our banter nulling it all as a tact.
    When can we behave as we are?
    Chilling all our flaws,
    Oh! Why can’t we show our placid bar?
    Avoiding all the starry Claws.
    Why should they matter?
    As if they ever exist
    Can we not have a lucid chatter?
    Forgetting all these non-existing beasts!!

  26. Sunil Prasad Chowhan

    Me to You!

    Your love came suddenly in my life,
    but i caught hold of it when the time was ripe.
    it seemed easy to connect,
    maybe i was already in sync with the mood i felt back then.

    It feels refreshing when breathing,
    way more than i first breathed, when i came to life.
    To be connected with you now in this way is satisfying,
    as i am not near you.

    I will not sway from these feelings of love,
    even if you want me to.
    Because i have fallen too deep in your love,
    its has become tough enough to hold myself back anymore.
    Even if your love for me is not so strong as like me,
    i would still say i like you and compel you to love me like i do!

  27. A carcass alive
    creeping creeps covering,
    a misty mind meandering
    motionless amidst the abyss
    along the allusions of illusions
    among the empathy of sympathy.
    symptoms symbolic and sights
    and sounds and serenading souls
    covered in red and the blue and the depths of deep and the skies of the sky
    trudging through the thorns.
    Whistler’s breath bows beneath
    the brim of whiskey’s whirls
    the chaotic chaos calms
    everyone’s sanely insane
    the world’s weirdly weird
    and we are partly apart ,
    from the thunderous thumbs
    thumping thumping thumping.

  28. Dipti Mehta Datta

    Your eyes the rays of love
    Tell a sure shot tale
    Silently radiating reflections
    Confessions of a dangerous trail.

    Your smile the wave of water
    Rambling an untold story
    Revealing every bit, the essence
    Confessions of a heart, not gory!

    Your innocence, your love
    Emanating the being you embrace
    Your truth, my dear, in time
    Will unveil your every trace !

  29. A confession by a man in 3 stages of life

    As a school kid about his classmate

    Jealous and greedy was I;
    To see the fancy cars that u used to come by;
    Peace and tranquility resurrected in me;
    As the naked truth shook, that you wanted to be me….

    As a Husband to his wife (Stage 2 )

    My love didn’t stray but my fidelity did sway;
    Wronged you once but you backed me like a bay;
    Took me by thy love from a weed remorseful to a seed resourceful;
    And convinced me that Life is still Beautiful…………

    As a Father about his Daughter. ( Stage 3 )

    Comes here my little Fairy, the epitome of innocence;
    Do I need to confess, for you’re my conscience;
    My pride & my valor, in you I see my life’s mirror;
    I’m not your father but your uncradled child forever…………

      1. ” Confession ”

        Met you some days ago,
        Still i don’t know..

        Who you are?
        Where you live?
        What you do?

        But my heart beats a lot
        It pumps the love to the lungs,
        Mix it with life, and again to the heart it comes..

        It flows through my whole body just to say you the words of few.. That
        ” I love you.. “

      1. Saravanan Kalirajan

        It was really cool how you used the language to convey your thoughts in rhyming! Simply awesome! I keep reading it again and again and feels so good. Keep going Ashok!

  30. . CONFESSIONS are not to be…

    Confessions are not easy to make
    So much is on stake
    Is it wise or just for making oneself light..
    We said to us,
    Never use aggression if would feel suppression but never imagined
    God had planned for our separation..

    Too much agony to survive long and I am here ,
    As now I can claim my full possessions without seeking worldly dispensation..
    I lost you to God but stand still to abide by our promise even though I have enormous pain’s session..
    Never disclose our passion in the name of confessions.

  31. A note of confession,
    Which turns out to be a silent possession,
    It’s a truth that is waiting to come out,
    It’s a moment that is yet to be passed out,
    A puddle of tears that our pillow holds,
    An unknown fear that disfigure the mould,
    Don’t think much and be bold,
    Everyone just need a sponge to be told,
    Who’s without any opinions to sold,
    So, break the string of reasons,
    And heal yourself this season.

  32. Trying hard to finish that poem, and harder not to think about you.
    You’ve been constantly running over my mind, don’t your feet hurt?
    I’ve been running over those thorns and that make my feet hurt.

    Trying hard to finish that book, and harder not to think about you.
    I wish I could just use you for my art.
    But I feel too much for you.
    You’re a great muse, no doubt.
    But that’s not what I’m talking about.

    I’m yours to call yours, and I’d be lying
    if I said I’m not hoping for vice-versa.
    I hope for vice-versa. Vice-versa.
    But I might as well hope for living on the moon.

  33. Confession Of Soul

    Our story was more like hide and seek.

    You entered my spirit like a stormy wind,

    and carried away my happiness with your swing.

    My heart knows not where to go… it

    wanders on the path that leads to you.

    My mind kept searching on every street,

    where you left me like a tree without leaves.

  34. Confession of Soul

    Our story was more like hide and seek.

    You entered my spirit like a stormy wind,

    and carried away my happiness with your swing.

    My heart knows not where to go… it

    wanders on the path that leads to you.

    My mind keep searching on every street,

    where you left me like a tree without leaves.

  35. Noor Nanak Singh

    Poem: I love the woman who doesn’t exist

    The skin so white
    The purest alabaster
    I have sinned of loving her

    Proud of her auburn curls
    Humble and impertinent.
    I have sinned of loving her.

    The moonshine, stealing o’er the scene
    blended with the lights of my eve
    I have sinned of loving her.

    She exists, but she exists
    In three different women, in three different lands, three different millenniums
    Yet, I have sinned of loving her.


    You have the Star the moon the sun…
    This could be my biggest confession…

    You are the other name of perfection…
    In my happiness you have the greatest contribution..

    You have been my greatest temptation…
    For sure we have some sort of affection…

    I swear this is no infatuation…
    Trust me and my confession…

  37. From the old photo album, she looks back at me and smiles.
    Her eyes twinkle like a cunning fox, her smile is of a hyena, her lips purse.
    In vengeance?
    Yes. All the vengeance the whole of mankind can ever conjure.
    I see her claws from beyond the frame.

    She looks back at me, eye to eye,
    And takes my present away.
    In a way no one else can ever notice.

    She is evil. Right.
    In a way no one understands,
    In a way no one would, ever!

  38. *
    A writer confesses

    Gandhi on a nudist beach
    Shiva holding a Kalashnikov-like toy
    A punk hairstyled Jesus on a bike
    Krishna on the cover of Playboy
    Modi leading a surgical strike
    Rahul dressed up as a leech

    I want them all in one long story
    Towards the end let them see
    Padmavati dance in Rajasthan
    And yes, I’d also love a bee
    In a box gifted to each Karni fan
    You see, the end needs to be a bit gory.
    Arvind Passey
    19 January 2018

  39. Ridhima Maniktala

    Wandering in unknown places
    Wearing white shirt and torn shoes with untied laces
    Saw monsters with swords, elephants of gold
    Clouds were darker than ever before
    The day was disguised as night
    Birds sounded high, hidden in trees.

    Walking down empty streets with a head that longs to be empty
    Dead leaves and lively bluejays
    Met McGonagall, the cat that I saved
    Or did it save me? I’m not yet sure.
    I’m not a stranger to happiness, I just like the dark better.
    Does that make me a sinner?

  40. To tell you the truth, I stole a few glances at you,
    All the way pretending I wasn’t looking.
    Is it just me or do you too feel the same heat when our eyes meet?

    To tell you the truth, the way you try to blow away
    The lock of hair clouding your eye,
    And make a chagrined face as it falls back again
    To tell you the truth, it makes me fall too.

    To tell you the truth, I saw you stealing a few glances at me
    I pretended I didn’t see you looking.
    We’re two good thieves when it comes to stealing glances.
    Why don’t we admit that it’s not just me who has an arrow in his heart?

  41. Shireen Srivastava

    I felt light as a bird, walking through the woods at dawn,
    Where was the baggage of regrets I had been carrying for so long?

    I was here to confess with my music,
    My soul I wanted to bare,
    The only weight I could feel on me was that of the animal’s stare.

    Was it the glimmer of hope?
    I thought I saw those haunted eyes shine,
    As if my confession were a balm to their pain, the way they were to mine.

  42. Confessions
    What am I to state
    When you arrive late
    Like damp days of summer
    Blazing my inners
    Male am I not
    What from me
    Can possibly be sought?
    Confessions to you
    I last time a red wine brought.

  43. Mou Majumdar Sarkar

    When You leave…I Miss You!

    The room breathing of the perfume when you leave,
    Has been the fodder of this verse!

    That crumpled shirt which lies behind,
    Is still warm,
    As if… it is on your frame hung!

    I often take it in my hands,
    To inhale the smell of your odour which still it has,
    The musk and sweat combined,
    Tells me of your presence in my life!

    (C) Mou Majumdar

  44. Confession I make are deep from my heart,
    Whatever I say are words of my heart.
    To spend moments with you are cherished by my heart.
    The feelings we share remain immortal, even though we stay apart.
    Confession I make are deep from my heart.
    It gives me peace of mind whenever I am by your part.
    Life is incomplete without you I accept it,
    With every rough and tough times you have won my heart.
    True is your love, true are your words
    True is our love coz we speak deep from our hearts.
    Today I confess, God I am grateful to you
    I have my soulmate very close in my heart.

  45. .
    They tell but never show

    Each time I close my eyes I see
    All that I could have done or said
    Murmurs from the past clearly said —
    Not shackled, you were really free.

    And so my past now overflows
    With times that could have changed the flow
    It all comes back though sometimes slow
    And like a lump, inside me grows.

    My heart and mind agree they know
    The path but I would need to walk
    Confess, they say, you must now talk
    How? I ask. They’ve nothing to show.
    Arvind Passey
    18 January 2018

  46. Confession of a broken Promise

    I long for a happily ever after, with you.
    I wish to be in your arms forever and I Trust you.
    The patience that wasn’t kept, belongs to me alone.
    Heartiest apologies to forget your cologne.
    Replacing it? No, I don’t have enough courage.
    I bend my head and accept your scourage.
    The mistakes made cannot be undone.
    The days spent with someone else,
    That’s where your falling trust begun.
    I promise again, forever, not to repeat!
    Is the same where our souls meet.


    In love with self I deny any need of the opposite sexual breed.
    Why do people wary so much am I simply a reed?
    They say to fulfill and complete me
    I need a man to shine.
    Neh! who cares about all this,
    I render self handedly epithelium joy and can feel divine.
    I experience with my physique,
    as I’m a total freak.
    I don’t embark on things as they keep saying my future is bleak.
    I derive what I aspire, love is not my need of the hour.
    I earn, I drive my life’s strategies with proforma of the necessity I am that fire.
    I join hands with my family lending hands to others in leading secure life.
    I want to go on climbing the stairs of success and inherently thrive.
    ©Madhu Jaiswal

  48. Sin ?

    Nightly, she beds his words.
    Their gentle cascade tickles the small of her back.
    They make her smile, giggle even,
    and transport her to seamless new realms.
    Some heave heavily upon her, so filled with desire, that she is left breathless.
    She enjoys their weight upon her bosom. They make her feel warm, and cared for; wanted.
    And as she lies beside him, he asks, “Good book, eh?”
    She calmly replies, “Hmm. Not bad. It’s poetry, by the way.”

  49. You Make me Blush like Histamine.
    You Race my Heart like Adrenaline.
    You Render me Awe-struck like Atropine..
    You Leave me Hyperventilating like Overdosed Aspirin..
    You Drive me Crazy like Amphetamine..
    After causing all these troubles..
    At the End of the Day, you soothe me like Benzodiazepine

    With the innocence of your love,
    You blessed me, you honoured me
    Now, the reality seems better than my dreams,
    No words left to thank you, for believing in me.

    Hum jo sher-o-shayari karne lage, wajah tum ho
    Zara zara se badalne lage, wajah tum ho


    Love – it takes a lifetime to find it
    And sometimes it lies in the shadow – never revealed;
    Or sometimes it simply cannot be fulfilled
    Much like our love.
    But I know that our love, too, will be realized – one day.
    When we shall be free from all worldly wisdoms ;
    When I shall meet you on equal ground;
    Then, our love shall sore – much like our freed souls
    And then we both shall ‘confess’…
    Oh! What ‘confessions’ will those be
    Free from all inhibitions – they had better be!

  51. The writer in me confesses

    Hair with golden spikes,
    A purple flowing beard,
    Wearing a jacket with bikes,
    Besides a tom cat suitably chaired.
    Yes, I forgot dark sunglasses,
    An inscrutable smile,
    Girls making passes…
    All in a mall brimming with style.
    On a large screen there, let’s say.
    And if you’re sixty and sedate
    This shall make your world sway
    Turning a day into a dashing date.
    Arvind Passey
    17 January 2018

  52. ***आँखों से बहता है पानी***

    आँखों से बहता है पानी, लब पे रहती है प्रेम कहानीं।
    ये गीत नहीं है बंधू, मेरे दिल की वाणी है।
    एक युवती जानी-अंजानी, जिसकी इस दिल मेंआनी-जानी।
    ये गीत नहीं है बंधू, मेरे दिल की वाणी है।

    हुआ हूँ मैं भी, मीरा के जैसे रवानी।
    आओ सुनाऊं तुमको, अपना दर्द जुबानी।
    गदराये नैनों ने जिसकी, अटखेलियाँ मचायी हैं।
    ऐसी युवती चन्द्रवदनिका, मेरे सपनों में आयी है।।

    महक उठी चन्दन सी खुशबू , ऐसी चमक समायी है।
    मेरे नैनों में उस युवती की, छवी मनोरम छाई है।
    मन की है एक राग पुरानी,आई है अभी-अभी जवानी।
    ये गीत नहि है बंधू, मेरे दिल की वाणी है।

    – देवेश

    1. Shashank Sharma

      वक़्त ने दिए हैं ज़ख्म इतने
      उन पर मरहम लगाऊं कैसे
      लिखी थी चंद कागज़ों में कहानी अपनी
      उसे एक खूबसूरत हकीकत बनाऊ कैसे
      शब्द तो तमाम हरदम रहते हैं
      उन शब्दों को एक शोख गज़ल बनाऊं कैसे
      मेरे पास किसी का कुछ नही मेरे माँ के कंगन हैं
      इन कंगनों तेरी कलाइयों में पहनाऊं कैसे
      कभी एक वक़्त था तो हरदम सामने रहती थी
      अब इन तरसती निगाहों को समझाऊं कैसे
      सूनी पड़ी है छत जहां तू कपड़े सुखाती थी
      उस छत का सूनापन मिटाऊँ कैसे
      मुझे मेरे हालात पर ज़रा भी गम नही है पर
      आसपास के माहौल को ज़िंदा बनाऊं कैसे
      वो इक तरफ का सिमटा हुआ बिस्तर
      तेरा पता पूछता है मुझसे
      तू कहाँ है उसे ये बताऊं कैसे


  53. Pen Relief

    And I hold you up again
    To confess the tears and the strives and the smiles
    The blankness waited too long for your tip to touch
    And write my songs and sonnets again
    Through you,my Pen, relieve me!!
    No laptop keys or mobile screen can recite
    My songs the way you decide

    So I hold you up again
    To confess what in me
    Of pain and happiness
    That to none expressed.

  54. Sravani singampalli

    Our discussions and ignorance
    We ignore the torn clothes
    We ignore the slums
    We never discuss about
    Hands with scratches
    And those unhealed wounds.
    We discuss about fresh roses
    And forget the wilted flowers.
    We discuss health and youth
    But we don’t think about
    Healing and the old.
    We never discuss solutions.

  55. When I showed nonchalance
    my hands were shivering
    when I pretended I wasn’t scared
    the dark street was my biggest fear
    When I pretended I don’t care
    I did for approval from family,friends
    When I flaunted happy singledom
    I was aching to hold a hand
    When I was capable to pay ever bill
    open every door and
    storm every glass ceiling
    I wished you would walk along
    dear man !

  56. One Moonless Night …. A Hundred Lamps
    One Gesture…. A Hundred Smiles
    One Prayer…. A Hundred Blessings
    One Heart….A Million beats Just For You ..

  57. Waiting for a Confession

    You promised me a happily ever after,
    But strayed at every opportunity you got thereafter.
    Confronting you always brought out your aggression.
    So I just kept waiting for your confession.

    I read all the messages, they were just right there
    You still try and deny it, you think I am unaware
    I never knew when other women became your obsession
    Like a fool, I am still waiting for your confession.

    Your infidelity is now out in the open.
    You still show no remorse, even though I am heartbroken.
    I may still forgive you; just once say what I mean to you, with passion.
    All I am asking is an honest, heartfelt confession.

  58. Silent confessions,
    Of things we don’t mention.
    My emotions, run wild

    Mediocre possessions,
    With daming silent confessions,
    His emotions, ran wild

    Is it mere reflections?
    Of those things we never mentioned?
    Our emotions, are running wild.

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