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Poetry Contest on the theme – ‘Confessions’

Poetry contest


Poetry contest


Calling all poets!! Here is a poetry contest specially for you, brought to you in association with Rhythm Divine Poets.

Theme of your poems is ‘Confessions’.

The poem should have around 10 to 12 lines.

Submit your poem as a comment below and stand a chance to win Amazon gift vouchers worth Rs 500.

Last date for submission is 26th Jan, 2018.

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    1. The drape of tranquility fall off myself, Goosebumps erupt all over my flesh.
      Sweat beads dot my forhead; my heart freezes and melts,
      As I think of the evenings we met on the verge of outbreak.
      I lament the times I disallowed you to osculate and oscillate in the drapes of my urge and guileless.
      I lament those ‘nos’ ,the ‘what ifs’ and ‘so’.
      I confess, in the darkest hour of erotevmenos and bereavement.

    2. .

      An Affair

      A cup. A spoon. Stirring.
      A coffee, a conversation
      Beautiful minds are offered
      A clink. A sip.
      As the evening progresses
      A fork sinks
      Into the sinful pastry
      I’m off diet, you see
      A delicious afternoon
      Followed by a suckling evening
      Wine and night
      No, there I stop. We stop
      Promises like handcuffs hold
      Wherever it may lead
      As a river to the sea
      We can’t flow
      Promises like necktie, necklace
      Like noose
      I stop. We stop.
      We won’t know what future holds.

    3. If we could have walked a few more mile,
      And if you could have heard my silent hums,
      You would have known,
      That I would always be there for you on the other side of the aisle.

      Red was the new blue for me,
      Coffee was my daily wine,
      If only we could have walked a few more steps,
      Am sure you would have been mine.

      Summers we’re now not as hot,
      But had I had the courage to confess my feelings for you,
      You would have known,
      That you were my one true love of whom I spoke about.

    4. भाग दौड़ की ज़िंदगी मे कभी रुककर नही देखा
      किसी के लिए मैंने कभी झुककर नही देखा
      वो बीमार फुटपाथ पे बेहोश पड़ा था
      मैं दफ्तर को चला और मुड़कर नही देखा
      ना पूछा हाल उसका जो फुटपाथ पे सोता है
      बेघर है वो, उसने कभी घर नही देखा
      मैं पेट भर के खाता हूं, वो भूक से तड़पता है
      कई हफ़्तों से उसने खाना चखकर नही देखा
      और मैं शिकायते करता हूँ, के दुनिया बड़ी ज़ालिम है
      ऐसे हालातो से मैं गुज़रकर नही देखा
      बड़ा नेक समझता है यह ज़माना मुझको
      मेरी खामियों को कोई मुझसे बेहतर नही देखा
      -Sk Altafuddin

    5. The eyes witnessed that crime,
      your smell lingered with mine.
      Below the sky, above gravity,
      The breeze felt your insanity.
      The sea waves tickled my toes,
      butterflies inside, my body froze.
      Yes, together our voice echoed.
      A drop a tear, got lost again,
      down my eye, near the sea,
      amidst the rain.
      But I no longer feared,
      to confess my love in the end,
      You stood there,
      Just to watch my tears,
      getting lost in the rain.
      I confessed to love you,
      even if it was a crime.

    6. #i_masturbated
      “why little girls are sent into sex trafficking?”
      I debated.
      When no one being there
      I typed young and fair
      Tight teen pussy;round tussy
      And I masturbated.

      “Treat every women with great respect”
      I agitated.
      I saw a young women’s lingerie
      In her see-through dress, behind a door
      I imagined to fuck her like a whore
      And then I masturbated.

      I masturbated over that uncensored, mms video clip.
      I masturbated when her vagina was ripped.
      I masturbated when her blouse was undrapped.
      I masturbated when that girl was raped.
      I masturbated;never to quench my sexual desire,
      I masturbated;only to conceal my wicked attire.
      I am you.

    7. Evading….
      Yet to realize what do I fail
      to keep you happy
      devoid of tears, devoid of happiness
      making you not to feel the hunger
      and provide with love rich diet
      stealthily sailing in the wings of time
      I wish to allocate quality time
      to love and to be loved by you
      closed valves at love heart
      seeks you at heartbeats

    8. লিখতে বসা হাজার হিসেব
      শূন্যে উড়ে প্লেন বানায়।
      আদতে যে বড্ড বোকা
      সামনাসামনি প্রেম জানায়।

      দুটো কথায় আটকে যাওয়া
      স্ক্রিপ্ট যে সঙ্গ দিচ্ছে না,
      তোতলানোটা জোর করে
      মোটেই আমার ইচ্ছে না।

      হেঁয়ালি থাকুক প্ল্যানমাফিক
      চাই সবাই ধন্দে থাক।
      ডাইরি ছিঁড়ি রোজ রাতেই,
      ছবি গুলো ধেবড়ে যাক।

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