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Poetry Contest: Write a short poem on ‘Love and Relationship’



Bonobology, in association with Rhythm Divine Poets, is bringing to you a poetry contest!

Put on your thinking caps and write a poem on ‘Love and Relationship’

The length of the poem should be 4 lines

Submit your poem as a comment below and stand a chance to win Gift vouchers

Do not forget to submit your entries by 10th September 2017, 6 PM IST

Winners will be announced on 20th September, 2017

Contest open for Indians only

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        1. You watched the unspoken understanding in my gleaming eyes;
          Elucidating your enigmatic smile, I dwindle by the second,
          I contentedly steal your charm, in a noxious deal
          Seal my fate in a barter with your ebbing love.

          1. Come roll me up in the tarp canvas
            Paint red my meek shriveled toes
            I’m in love with those riveting woes
            Seeking your penetrating opus
            (Radha to Krishna )
            ©®Nandita Samanta


        Adhering you in an eternal embrace, my heart gives the feeling of joy.

        Oh ! the enchanting smile…its perceiving, the way we feeling coy.

        Smiling faces, holding hands in complete affinity.

        Misty eyes glaring deeply, in an ethreal unicity.

      2. Homeland

        Your collarbones mark the borderline of the city I love the most./
        Fingers intertwined we fenced a country we created our own,/
        Now left a diasporic refugee to settle in a stranger’s arms./
        Does the baul’s song still remind you of our love, we called home?

      1. Simmering Love

        Love simmered in my smouldering heart’s embers
        Love drizzled like mercy from the beatific heavens
        Love emboldened me to cocoon you like a butterfly in a lotus flower
        Love’s mystical magic made me your slave forever
        Copyright Lily Swarn 10.9.2017

    1. ‘Together and Forever’

      Will you be there with me,
      when am low
      Will you be there in moments of joy,
      Will you be there with me in despair; to enlighten and inspire.
      Will you be there,Together and Forever.

  1. Travellers in the night
    Two trains passing by
    Close enough to touch
    Yet staying but a moment
    Words just seem too much
    Yet, too little, is every moment spent

    And the kiss…
    The kiss that is like no other
    That has no beginning or end
    Two hungry pairs of lips
    Just seeking the other…
    Finding… Locking..
    And then….the universe explodes!

    A cascade of reactions
    All expressed through lips
    Slow, fast, gentle, hungry, wanting, giving
    Everything is either dark, or too luminous…
    But they don’t open their eyes
    They don’t need to see
    They feel everything, as if reading a script with their fingertips

    Such is the story of the travellers
    Like something celestial
    They travel through cosmos
    Drifting in their worlds
    But sometimes they align
    And just for one night
    They have their own universe

  2. Kiss for me, Your lips
    My aura was lighted
    The eyes of love staring under my eyelid
    My awakening soul for you
    Kiss for me, your lips
    My aura was lighted
    A warm touch of engelic connection
    My soul was washed within
    Kiss for me, your lips
    My aura was lighted.

  3. Kiss for me, Your lips
    My aura was lighted
    The eyes of love staring under my eyelid
    My awakening soul for you
    Kiss for me, your lips
    My aura was lighted
    A warm touch of angelic connection
    My soul was washed within
    Kiss for me, your lips
    My aura was lighted.

  4. My love for you is a cocktail mix of mysterious words and enigmatic spaces,
    I implore you if you love me, try to comprehend the words emerging from my heart,
    for in our relationship only if you understand my words of love from my deepest depths
    will you also be able to relate to my complicated stance and understand my loving silences.

  5. Recycled Love

    My heart got ripped by the draft of wind,
    I realized I was writing the first fillers to the bleeding pages of your heart;
    All you were passing to me was recycled love with a ‘tear shaped dew’ drop sliding down a rose.
    The love script had already been taken by the one who had opened your page first.

  6. It is not important who says sorry…
    I say sorry… or you say sorry…
    It is not important who wins…
    I win … or you win…
    It is not important who loses….
    I loose …. or you loose,

    It is important that we care…
    I care … you care ….
    It is important …
    My heart bleeds for you..your heart bleeds for me,
    It is important that we feel…
    I feel you…you feel me,
    It is important we love….
    I love you… you love me

  7. Love & Relationship

    Love is a feeling that comes and goes and then comes again,
    Why this happens to me? Is this my loss or my gain?
    My heart keeps wandering, when my past keeps haunting,
    But still, my present relationship is healthy, without any daunting.

  8. I bet he is lying there thinking
    I wish that she was here
    He is probably hugging his pillow right now
    And whispering in its ear
    I cnt wait till tomorrow
    I miss my woman
    It will feel like a touch of heaven
    With her by my side
    Want to sing together
    As i look into her eyes
    I love her smile
    She is as pure as mountain’s dew
    I feel on cloud 9 when he whispers ‘I Love You’…..
    He is the king of hearts sent down from heaven
    I am forever thankful for my endowment
    I will treat him with respect and love… ❤

  9. Rainbow

    Fought, made up, looked away, stole a gaze.

    Loved, laboured, and lost again; was that a poetry or a maze?

    But came a spring, and blew a breeze; on the cactus – came a bee,

    Who won, which war, who cares, who lost! In love, they were… entwined yet free!

  10. A welcome intruder…

    Like a kite so full of life, I fly high and free;
    In your hand is the thread of love, releasing as well as binding me..
    In your silence I hear volumes of a fathomless love;
    Even your lovely talks say just one word – LOVE…

  11. *13 reasons why*

    She was a girl, lonely and wanted someone.
    She was beautiful but people craved her only for fun..
    She wanted someone to be with her, to love her,
    But found none.
    Silly girl, too sensible, stupid enough to end up her life…
    A grave mistake, that can’t be undone..

  12. A Place where the Dawn meets the Dusk & the Core touches the Crust
    Where the lovely Skies embrace the Earth & the Silence only that could listen the Worth
    We’ll be meeting someday, At that Destination…….
    The Destination named “Infinity”, Where Noone ever met !!!

  13. A feeling in sailor dress peeped when everyone left,
    Butterflies in stomach remained no longer an unfelt proverb.
    Waiting time turned tickling,meeting him became wishes,
    She soon became queen from a princess n what made her so was a sailor’s love

  14. Amidst the shining stars
    We sat and sat and sat some more

    She searched my eyes for an answer
    I knew nothing about the question

    I admired her magnanimous beauty with my bare eyes
    And she accepted my charms with an open heart

    The twinkling stars stared at our presence
    For they know not what we wanted to say

    We sat there some more and the night passed
    The desire that brewed in our blood gushed through our lips
    And we lied under the stars….. Hoping the night may never pass

    Never pass…

  15. Title: The best girl to romance

    The smile that unfurled was like never before,
    The desire to live each moment a tad bit more.
    The songs in the sea shells made her dance,
    She had found herself, the best girl to romance.

    – Kritagya Daarshanik (Haywire Chronology)

  16. Title: Love was in the air

    He sank in the bottomless pit of despair,
    The fate he met, pretty common, definitely not rare,
    Only him to blame, the odds were against, he was aware,
    It all started, as they say, when love was in the air.

    – Kritagya Daarshanik (Haywire Chronology)

  17. #Youandme – For the contest

    It was always youandme and it will always be, because
    Your voice makes my heart quiver
    Your expressions are like a shining armor to my darkness
    Your smile is a closet of happiness
    Your touch is a cuddle to my bewildered heart
    It was always youandme and it will always be…

  18. Love…a fragment. Love…a whole life in itself. Love…not once. Love…every time. Love…Intense. Love..Passionate. Love…Temporary? Love…A Phase! Love…Forever? Love…An Art. Love… A state of Mind. Love…An Emotion. Love…A Play of Hormones. Love…Desire Love…Fire Love…Happiness Love…Sorrow Love…Pain Love…Cure Love…Freedom Love…Boundation Love…Love….Love…Life

  19. I have fallen for your laugh which is utterly contagious;
    I have fallen for your smile which makes me feel giddy for no reason at all;
    I have fallen for our jokes which I remember even days later and burst into laughter;
    I have fallen for how you can make my day better, even if I wanted to cry a moment before;
    I have fallen for every second I get to spend with you even if those seconds will always leave me wanting for more……

  20. The connect

    Under the stars and the full moon, two friends lay

    One thinking of his goals for future, and one thinking of her upcoming holiday

    Little did they know, they’d end up together

    15 years later, she with her backpack, he with a ring in his pocket, under the Eiffel Tower.

  21. #Love #Poetrycontest
    ‘Chained to you’
    “There’s nothing out there that I wouldn’t do,
    To spend every second chained to you.
    I wanna hold you in an eternal embrace,
    Baby, you’re my favourite hiding place…”

    Bineesh Balakrishnan

  22. The august gathering of flowers is for you my dear,as you melt in my arms with fear.
    Your heart beats with the sound of music aloud, as your body tells me your secret of love.
    The undying love in have finally found, its like the Peace of a hundred doves.

  23. We have no one but each other,life is always black white and grey as a feather.
    He is my white shining sunshine and I am his black secret like the coal of the deepest mine.
    I has stood at his doorstep years ago not knowing my life is inside ,and he had shut the door cos he though i was a waste of time.
    Now we both realise what love means,we are in each other,in heart ,in mind,but separated by a lifetime.

  24. #Love and relationship

    They ask
    From where did I find you
    I reply
    Every love has its own time….
    Not so long ago the time wasn’t right for me
    Now time is on my side and so is he.

  25. Simmering Love

    Love simmered in my smouldering heart’s embers
    Love drizzled like mercy from the beatific heavens
    Love emboldened me to cocoon you like a butterfly in a lotus flower
    Love’s mystical magic made me your slave forever
    Copyright Lily Swarn 10.9.2017

  26. Two flowers together, swayed to the tune of the breeze;
    One was plucked,exhibited in bunch;while the other was left unseen.
    The virgin flower grabbed the eye;of a young lover passing by,
    And under a bridge,the two exchanged flowers,swayed together to let their love flower.
    Aritra Ganguly

  27. “I want the first person who kisses me be the one who kisses me on my death bed”, said that girl after hearing snow White tales
    Outside the room she questioned the screams
    Every night her mom made to
    Fulfill her dreams
    Unaware of reality, she a daughter of a prostitute wanted to love unconditionally.

  28. Four line love poem

    You inhaled the fragrance of my poem,
    and I saw hues of my happiness paint a rainbow in your eyes,
    with nothing to hold back, I gave you my entire sky ,
    the world saw our love scripted in thousand twinkling dots at night.

    ©mallika bhaumik 2017

  29. Soulmates clamouring for companionship, love, care and happiness
    Of course there were misunderstandings that familiarity brings
    It is a world where relationships fraught with expectations
    Exist even between a mother and a child.

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