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Pork fantasy


 Flavorful, juicy, aromatic tender pork is every Assamese’s favorite.

Slow cooked pork chops, caramelized baby back ribs, creamy pulled pork, deep fried pork tenderloin….all these savory and mouth watering renditions of this particular culinary meat is loved by northeastern Indians. Even most of my north Indian friends who have had a taste of this meat can’t admit their love for pork cuisines publicly but they secretly hog at every chance they get. That’s the ultimate crazy taste of pork!

My fiance and I have our personal favorite pork dish. And that’s my mother’s signature pork dry fried with Burmese coriander for aroma. That is one delightful to look at restaurant quality taste dish. Well, I don’t have to master Maa’s special because that dish is amazing only when she prepares it for us. A foreign hand can never do justice to it whatsoever! Hence, Kaushik and I want to become proficient in a dish which changed our taste buds forever and is not completely undo-able.

We are both huge gourmands. Everytime we visit each other’s cities, instead of just cuddling around we venture out in search of tasty, innovative yet pocket-friendly cuisines.When he visits my city, I try to make it pretty sure to take him to places which serves his favorite pork. If he likes the dishes served in those restaurants, we make it a point to visit that same place more often until we discover a new one. Once during his one such visit to Delhi, we found a Nagaland restaurant “Dzukou Tribal Kitchen”. This restaurant is named after the beautiful Dzukou valley located at the borders of the states of Nagaland and Manipur. And just like the valley which showcases nature’s breathtaking flora and fauna, this restaurant too serves a harmonious blend of authentic and traditional Naga cuisine.

Within minutes of scanning the menu, grilled pork ribs as starters caught our stark attention. The listed price seemed to be slightly on the expensive edge but we just couldn’t ignore the highly recommended dish. And voila,  to this day we agree on the fact that it was our best joint decision on the selection of a dish. The other dishes were great too but the starter was beyond great. Dzukou’s grilled pork ribs were succulent, luscious and delectable! Like we say, “WE DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN!” Because it was that good!  Totally worth the money, my fiance and I had a memorable date night, so much so that the very next day we went there again to eat our favorite dish but to our dismay, it was all sold out. On high demand, it seems! That’s when my grumpy fiance made me take a vow to unravel the chef’s secret recipe behind this out of the world cuisine. We were desperate to try this dish in our own future kitchen. In a spur of moment, I pinky swore to this unlikely request. Hence, I am on a mission to gather the recipe of this heavenly relish. It will be indeed a dream come true if my partner and I can work this out together in our kitchen. As I believe,” COUPLES WHO EAT TOGETHER, STAY TOGETHER BUT COUPLES WHO COOK TOGETHER STAY TOGETHER FOREVER!”

 Well, we will let my Maa  judge our culinary skills.

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  1. Haha. I have seen my own share of friends from northeast travel from end of our University to another looking for pork. The brightest of smiles spreads on their faces when they see pork cooking in the hostel room. So I can get an idea about your sentiments attached. Let’s hope bonding over pork continues forever! 🙂

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