Proof that men still don’t know what they are looking for in a woman

Confused man

Google produces 9,69,00,000 results (Over nine million) pages in 0.68 seconds flat when you type in the keywords “What women want from men”. Reverse the keywords to “What men want from women” and you have about 25,10,00,000 results in 0.87 seconds.

What is the difference? You might want to ask.

This means that there are about 2.5 times the number of webpages that try to answer the question what men are looking for in a woman than vice versa. Obviously, this is a question that has baffled people more than the other question.

I have also tried asking this question to many of my colleagues and friends and most of them have come up with a very simple reply.

The oft repeated reply was, “Most men desire to have sex with their kind of woman. While women are looking for love and romance from their man.”

The irony is, if the answer had been so simple, you wouldn’t have so many webpages trying to answer it. The sheer number of search pages on the topic (rather than the reverse topic) prove one simple thing: This is the question that more people are asking.

Have we still got the answer? Hell, no.

If you ask me, nobody will ever get an answer to the question. This is because the deepest desires of men are hardly satisfied by the women they love.

Allow me to explain.

confuse man thinking
Confused man


Let’s first figure out our target audience (TG). We are talking about males between the age of 25 and 40, who are middle class or upper middle class, living in a Tier A Indian city.

Now if you fall into the age group, then stand in front of the mirror, take a good hard look at yourselves and attempt to answer the questions that the mirror is throwing back at you. Here, we are trying to love ourselves here and for a change it is not masturbation.

So, let’s begin.

(a) We have tried every trick in the book to impress our girlfriend/wife. We sometimes become the person that we aren’t simply because our partner likes it that way.
Has the woman in question tried to be the same?

(b) We spend a hell of a lot of time carrying shopping bags at malls and ensure that our girlfriend/wife gets enough time and attention when we go out shopping together.
Has the woman in question tried to be the same?

(c) There are times she just wanted to lie down and talk to you. You have made her feel better simply by listening to her.
Has the woman in question tried to be the same?

(d) You have always ensured that you are on your best behaviour in front of her parents and relatives.
Has the woman in question tried to be the same?

(e) When an argument gets out of hand, you quickly admit that you are wrong, simply to end it. You later come back and say sorry just because you want to wipe out the aftereffects of a big quarrel.

Has the woman in question tried to be the same?

Just look at the mirror and ask yourselves these questions. Mark yourself 2 if it is a resounding ‘Yes’. Mark yourself 1 if you are not sure about the answer. No means zero.

If you score five and less, then you are still searching for an answer to the question, “What men want from women”.

And, like those 25 million pages on Google, you quite don’t know the answer yet.

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  1. Kritagya Daarshanik

    Is it just me, or the tag of #Humor is missing. 🙂

    I claim being a victim too – not so much of carrying shopping bags – but of the endless wait outside the trial rooms. (At times giving other women a thumbs up on their choice of dresses while the husbands had attention lapse – Hoping some man would return the favor when my wife sees me meditating on the shop floor)

    Kritagya Daardhanik (Haywire Chronology)

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