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Psychologist Snigdha Mishra suggests how not to let life’s problems hurt your marriage

Day to day problems affecting your married life? Never fear, Psychologist Snigdha Mishra will tell you how to overcome this!

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    1. My husband does not respect he thinks shits about me like i had sex before our marriage because i didnot bleed ,he is not satisfied with me because he feels loose when having sex, my chest is not good because its big he just does not love me. Before marriage everything was good as we have arrange marriage we have talked for 3 months but after marriage on 1st night he was not satisfied we as he did not like my body what should i do whether i should be with him or leave him as he always compare me with other girl .he likes other girls and think that my wife should been them .what should i do please suggest i really need help i am not able to take any decision. Please reply soon

    2. ​My husband has a good job that makes decent money. Last night, he was expected to literally work all day and all night, and when don’t work then he will start talking about his office. I feel so mad all of the time. What can I do?

    3. Someone asked ‘sometimes the woman has more sexual needs but finds it difficult to communicate to husband. please give practical tips ot verbal statements that can be used thanks’

    4. My boyfriend is perfect when he is sober, but gives me hell when he drinks. he just does not know when to stop. What measures can I take to make sure he drinks in moderation?

    5. My wife compares our lifestyle to my brother’s. He has been successful in his business venture and he deserves it. I am a Sr executive and doing well too, but it obviously cannot match the financial status of a successful global business. I’m fine with it. But my wife is finding it difficult to cope with the blatant difference in our livestyles now. She is getting competitive on the most ridiculous things. She is now criticising my brother’s wife for the new jewellery she purchased (spendthrift, waste of money), the food she cooks, the way they celebrated their anniversary… I’ve spoken to her about it, but my wife says that I have been blinded by my brothers wealth so I cant stand to hear anything against them. I feel it’s their life, their money, why should we sitting in our house be bothered? Its caused a huge rift between me and my wife and now my wife has started telling the children that I choose my brother n bhabhi over her. How do I deal with this?

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