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I was on a stretcher being taken to an ICU post my surgery. The narcotics affect was reluctant to leave my body making me feel very dizzy. The doctors were trying to bring me to the reality by continuously tapping on my cheeks and asking me to wake up. I remember faintly that there were 2 doctors, 2 nurses and a ward boy to pull my stretcher although I don’t remember seeing them. I made a note of that in my unconscious mind.

It is believed that the patient should wake up post the anesthesia affect is gone for the better recovery else there are aftermaths of the narcotics to be treated. So, here I was unable to open my eyes but conscious in my mind of the facts. There was no way I could communicate this to the team of experienced medical practitioners. And the only sign of it was to open my eyes.

Turn-wise everyone tapped on my cheeks and constantly repeated “Ma’am, open your eyes now. Your surgery is done!”. The ward boy was the smartest of them all and at his turn he blurted “Maataji, open your eyes!” the nurse replied offensively “does she look like an old lady to you to call her Maataji?” And at that instance I opened my eyes. He was beaming with smile now because his trick played on me. He replied “If you refer a woman older than she actually is, then you are surely likely to receive a response!” And everyone laughed out at that moment. I chuckled too 😉

This episode reminded me of a fact that one should never ask a woman her age 😉 not even in the ICU right after the surgery!!

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