Punctuality is his chief virtue

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Once there was this girl who was late everywhere. Late to school, late to college and late even for family functions. She could never master the skill of punctuality. Mainly because she was a night owl. She went to bed late and got up late in the morning.

Then she got married to a man who was never late. Punctuality was his chief virtue. Yet like Ying and Yang, they managed to complement each other. From him, she learned the benefits of punctuality. And most importantly the benefits of being an early riser.

No points in guessing– I am that girl.

These days, I never miss a train, a flight or reach late at a function. Only because I have someone by my side who takes care that I reach everywhere at least a few minutes early rather than late.

In my case, the transition from being a night owl to being a morning bird was not easy. In my house sleeping time was always past twelve. In my husband’s house, everyone in the house would have retired for the night as early as by eight thirty in the evening. Initially, I found it very difficult to adjust to the routine.

But, the early morning ambience at my husband’s place was truly peaceful and beautiful. There was a nearby temple and by 5:30 in the morning, the mellifluous sound of the bhajans and the sound of the bells would wake us. The house was surrounded by a coconut grove and other fruit trees. The birdsong was sweet and the morning air, fresh. Instead of hating to wake up in the mornings, I started to love mornings. Most Thursdays we would visit the temple together right before breakfast to offer our prayers. Slowly, I became an early riser myself.

My parents were amazed by my change, but they were proud.

It is this habit, that of being an early riser that I love most in my husband. I don’t want him to change that habit ever. Even if he sleeps late, he would get up by 5:30 without any alarm to wake him up. This way, I have my own human alarm clock which thankfully doesn’t ever show up any technical error.

As this one habit has helped me a lot, I never want him to change this. Ever!


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