What Qualities In Men Attract Women The Most?

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Updated On: March 28, 2024

There’s enough sexist talk out there to suggest, that women are somehow mysterious, and their emotions and thoughts are inaccessible secrets, that men haven’t figured out. Really? Half the population of the entire planet and they are incomprehensible? So in order to know the most attractive traits in a man that attracts a woman to a man at first sight you have to understand women’s psychology a wee bit. 

is he/she the one
is he/she the one

What traits attract a woman to a man? There are plenty. From his shoes to his sense of humour women notice it all. But here we would zero in on 10 things that attract a woman to a man. 

10 Things That Attract A Woman To A Man

There are traits in a man that women find sexy and don’t think that you have to be the tall, dark handsome hero from the pages of M&B romances for women to find you attractive. It could be just a kind gesture on your part that could send a woman into a tizzy or the fact that you are totally into books. Don’t bother about your balding pate if you have a sense of humour because that’s a trait women find really attractive. 

1. His ROFL sense of humour

Yes, it’s a cliché, and yes it is true. While no one wants to be with a person who can’t resist finding a punch line, someone who can find the humour in an otherwise volatile world is very much appreciated. Someone who isn’t without tact, but can make you laugh when required is something women look for in a man.

Couple in a new house
His sense of humor

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2. He is aware and sensitive

His sensitive understanding of current issues, especially women’s issues makes it the most attractive trait to women. A word that refers to people who are aware of current affairs, that haven’t been living under a rock and do not sound like the Orthodox uncles and aunties everywhere. A woke person is likely to be aware of the way the wind is flowing on issues concerning minorities. They are more likely to be on the right side of history when it comes to such issues. They are the ones who don’t make sexist and homophobic remarks, even as jokes. Those few good men are attractive as fuck, because they stand out in sharp contrast in the middle of a lot of classical patriarchs out there.

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3. He’s passionate about the things he feels strongly about

Passion is not just about love and romance. Be passionate about something that lights your soul on fire. If you’ve noticed when people talk about something they feel strongly about there’s a glint in their eyes that comes up. That glint, the slightly high pitched voice and rapid hand gestures that follow when someone’s discussing something they like are unbelievably sexy to women. Also, make sure sports is not the only thing that you’re passionate about. My apologies but the cultural cliché of men loving sports is so rusty and old at this point that there’s nothing uniquely hot about it. Blame the gendered ways of our culture. Being passionate about something a man strongly feels for makes him it the most attractive trait to a woman. 

Man lifting wife
Be passionate about various things

4. He is into poetry

This is weirdly specific but a man who knows even a few of love poems, or couplets in any language by heart and can quote it in the middle of a conversation as if grabbing them out of thin air is incredibly charming. As corny as it may be to imagine, knowing poetry and being able to recite it will never go out of fashion. (Urdu poetry works wonders here, just saying.) This is a trait that women find really attractive. But you have to decide how you weave in a few couplets in a conversation and not to over do it. Overdoing could lead to boredom. 

5. He is financially responsible

Women aren’t looking for a saviour nor are they looking for a baby. They are looking for a partner. Someone who’s honest about money and is aware that it’s a necessity in this world and has a plan to support himself, is attractive. Doesn’t matter if you’re rich or not, someone who lives beyond their means or is trying to buy affection with their money looks immature and is a huge turn-off. Someone who’s in control of their stuff, a man with a plan is refreshing and a big plus if we are keeping score. This is a personality trait women really find attractive because that means a relationship with this man could mean the future is financially sorted.  

Planning finance
A man with a plan is a big plus

6. He’s into physical activity

While body shape doesn’t always matter in a relationship, especially if it’s a serious one, a real marriage of true minds, it also doesn’t hurt if the person works out or plays a sport. You see, someone who goes hiking once in a while, swims, or gyms isn’t only going to be looked at because of the cute butt, but also because they are paying attention to their body. They consider their body as a temple and treat it so. Now if a man has a beer belly and yet hikes a mountain every month they come under this category too. Your body shape isn’t of concern here, whether or not you take your health seriously is.

7. He shows kindness

Yes, yes bad boys are still hot but they stop being hot after a while. A man who takes time out to teach his brother the bicycle, who never misses a dance show his sister is doing, who always remembers to buy the things groceries, medicine whatever it is that his parents asked him to get when going back home, that’s the kind of man that women want to take home. It’s the responsible one, who is kind to other people including the waiter at the restaurant, who act as if he was brought up well, the gentlemanly kind that is attractive in the longer run.


8. He is Honest

No matter who you are, no matter what you do honesty is the most attractive trait in a man that a woman finds attractive. As the late Rayya Elias once said ‘the truth has legs, when everything else is gone it will still stand’ and boy does it stand. White lies are different but being unfaithful, lying for no reason, hiding things that are important, power games and manipulation are all not only deal breakers but trust breakers. If you’re honest about your emotions to the point of vulnerability, women love that. They feel privileged to know a side of you that most people don’t. It is also a sign to women that you are not afraid to let your guard down and that is a relief.

9. His shoes are polished

This could sound unimportant but polished shoes could be the deal clincher or muddy shoes could be the deal breaker. You could be wearing the best branded clothing but if your shoes don’t look right then women do find you unattractive. Shiny shoes are the most attractive trait of a man to a woman, shoes tell a lot about a man’s real personality. Trust us. 

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10. How he smells

It is said that some women find the smell of sweat really masculine but don’t bank on that and stop using your deo or your your after shave. Women find a good pour homme really attractive so make sure you smell good. A man’s smell could decide if a woman would find you attractive or stay miles away from you.   

Women are basically looking for someone who’s aware of the effect toxic masculinity has on him and is trying his best to move past the effects. Who’s honest and funny and romantic? See, not so mysterious anymore.

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