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10 questions to ask him during the arranged marriage meeting

Meeting him for the first arranged marriage date? Keep these important questions handy to decide whether you should take it forward or not.
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Take your first arranged marriage date seriously

Even though it’s technically like a first date, meeting your potential life partner on an arranged marriage date is a more serious one. For starters, both your families are eagerly waiting to know if you think he is ‘the one’. So unlike a usual first date, you need to ask some really meaningful questions to the man you are meeting on the first arranged marriage date.

Here are 10 such important questions.

1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I know it sounds like you are taking his job interview, but it’s such a vital question that you shouldn’t skip it. His personal and professional goals for the next 5 years will give you an idea about where his priorities lie and whether it’s aligned with your own expectations from life.

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2. Would you like to pursue any hobby, if you had more time?

Questions about hobbies can sound straight out of Sooraj Barjatya movies, but a person’s interest in things other than his career says a great deal about what they are like from inside and whether you find those things interesting as well. Even if he is not actively involved in any hobby ask him what are the things he wants to learn or get better at, if he had the time.

3. What do you like to do on days when you are not working?

May be he prefers to read, watch movies or catch up with friends – what he likes to do on days to get out of boredom gives you a chance to find out if you have any common interest. If he is a book worm and you like to socialise a lot, spending life together could become a hard job.

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4. Do you like to travel?

If you are a traveller by heart and your potential spouse gets homesick pretty fast, then you are in for an imbalanced marriage, and vice versa. So even though the question seems random, do ask.


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5. What do you like to drink?

I mean alcoholic beverages. If you enjoy your occasional wine and vodka you must find out what’s his take on alcoholic drinks. It’s easier to ask this question if you are meeting for a dinner date where the bar is open. Just hand him the menu and ask ‘Would you like to order anything to drink?’

6. Tell me about your closest friends

Knowing a little bit about his closest friends will give you an idea what kind of company he likes to surround himself with.

7. Who are you closest to, in your family?

It’s very important to ask. He could be closest to his mother or siblings, granny or a cousin. By asking this you know who has the most influence on him, who he confides in and who his lifelines are.

8. Do you like kids?

Well, it’s an arranged marriage date, so bringing up kids is not just okay, but very much necessary. If you like to have kids in future and he likes them from a distance or vice versa, you know this union is a complete no-no.

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9. What does your day’s routine look like?

His everyday routine will tell you about his work timings, when he likes to wake up and go to sleep, around what time he likes to have his meal etc. Knowing these will help you understand where you will fit into this routine.

10. Is there anything you are never going to compromise on?

Last but not the least, asking this question will let you know a great deal about his principles and values. Whether its loyalty or honesty, his answer will give you a good knowledge about the ground rules for future and save you from many future setbacks.

With each of his answers, you can evaluate whether you should take things forward with him or not. So take your time, and don’t rush into knowing all about him on day one itself.

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