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20 questions to ask a guy you are dating

How to get to know the guy you are dating with just 20 questions to ask? We tell you how!
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Dating always needs something to keep the spark going. It could be dates, romance and even a normal conversation. Do you actually know the guy you are dating? Here are some questions to ask a guy you are seeing.

How hard is it to get to know a guy?

Guys usually like to hide behind their ‘macho’ personality and don’t give away much. They prefer to convey their feelings through their actions rather than speaking and going all mushy-mushy about it. Each guy is different. Some are vocal about their feelings while some are completely different from what they portray in front of everyone. Now if you are dating this guy, you need to get to know him more and these 20 questions will help you do so.

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20 questions to ask a guy you are dating

Now that your honeymoon period is coming down crashing, everything gets real. You both can no more hide behind the infatuation phase. The guy you are dating is now an actual part of your life and you need to get to know your date as the person he actually is. Guys are not going to answer your questions unless they feel like doing so. You need to play around, seduce him in a way that he answers your question without finding it irritating. Here are 20 questions to ask a guy you are dating.

1. What is your guilty pleasure food, drink or snack?

This is playing safe with a bit of fun. He can simply say, “It’s you”. After some flirting and joking around, you can find your way into asking him again and he will answer your question. Knowing his guilty pleasure food is a good thing to begin with because you can always win his heart by getting him his favourite guilty pleasure food.

2. What’s the worst date you’ve been on?

Now there are two kinds of dates you can never forget – your best and your worst date. His worst date could be a funny one or a super awkward one. Such stories are always fun to hear and great to bond with.

3. What song could you listen on repeat for the rest of your life?

A guy’s taste in music says a lot about him. You can ask him to share his all time favourite song and listen to it. Music is something that is close to a person’s heart and his favourite song will bring you closer to him.

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4. What’s your favourite party trick?

Every guy has his own party trick that makes him stand out in the crowd. They like to brag about their extra ordinary talents or weird things that make them the party stopper. He will instantly answer this question with great excitement and enthusiasm.

5. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

There are so many crazy things that guys do and there are so many stories that add up to it. Guys are full of crazy shit and once you get to know about their stories, you will want to go on and on with it. This is a fun way of getting to know him better.

6. What is your favourite place to hang out in?

Knowing about small things like his favourite food, favourite place, etc. can bring you closer to him. These things can help you in planning surprises for him in future and this will in turn strengthen your bond with him.

7. If you have the power to still time for 24 hours, what would you do in it?

This is one of those questions to ask a guy to bring out his creative juices. He could talk about a bank robbery or even visit the most luxurious house and enjoy himself for free. You could add on to his imaginations and make it into something more sensual and sexy. Guys like it when their girl adds some spice into their conversations.

8. If you died today, what would your greatest achievement be?

You can go a bit deeper and ask him such a question. This will make him contemplate a bit and then answer you. His answer could be funny, sarcastic or even philosophical depending on the kind of guy he is.

9. What would your gaming room be like?

If there is anything that can beat sex, it is football and video games. Guys are obsessed about video games and have always dreamt about their ideal gaming rooms with their favourite gaming systems. Such a question will excite him and he will want to tell you more about it.

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10. What is the weirdest habit you have?

Everyone has their own set of weird habits. Even you might have some. You can get to know your date better by asking him his weird habits before you get to know them from some other source. You will at least be prepared when they come in front of you, because you already know about them.

11. What is your favourite food combination?

If your guy is a foodie, you have to ask him this question! Foodies love to experiment with different types of food and can discover some amazing combinations with totally different types of food. If you too are a foodie, you need to try out those combinations with him.

12. What is the worst tattoo you’ve ever seen?

Guys have a thing for tattoos and have a fair knowledge about tattoos. Asking him about something like this can keep him engaged in the conversation. You both can even compare your worst tattoo stories and have a good laugh at it.

13. Which is your all time favourite cartoon?

Cartoons never get old no matter how old you get. Sharing things like your all time favourite cartoon adds a sense of nostalgia to the conversation.

14. Which is the best one liner you have said to a girl?

Now your guy might not be too keen on disclosing it because he might not have used it on you yet and if he has, then you will know that you’re not the only one he has used it on. This is a good way to get such information about your guy’s previous flings.

15. Who is the person you would go to when you think you have no one?

This is a deep question and deep down you might want him to take your name. Remember, you have just started dating him and it is going to take time for you to create that kind of a bond with him. So if he doesn’t take your name, don’t freak out.

16. Which is your go-to tv series?

Following the trend, everyone has their favourite tv or netflix series. Knowing his go-to series, music and even person will help you understand him as a person and also his surroundings.

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17. What is the biggest regret you have?

You are forming an emotional bond with him here. He must have done some pretty bad things during his adolescence that he is not proud of and by knowing about it you can see the person he was then and the change in him now.

18. What is the one rule you hated to follow but had to follow anyway?

The rule can be a family tradition or a disciplinary rule at school which he had to follow. He could go back to his school days and share the pranks he did in school. It’s a nice way to get to know your date through these nostalgic memories.

19. Have you even been heartbroken?

Depending on which stage in life you meet your date, he has most probably been heartbroken at least once. He could share his heartbreak story if he really confides in you because he may not be comfortable in opening up like this to everybody.

20. What is it that instantly turns you on?

Now you are dating this guy and there are going to be many instances when you will have to turn up the heat a little. Asking him what turns him on gives him indulgence into his sexual fantasies and be ready to see yourself in them!

Getting to know your date is very important because when things get serious, it is difficult to go back. You need to know him without being too clingy because that is a turn off for some guys. Make sure that you use these questions to ask a guy you are dating so that you are able to get to know him well enough to make a choice of having him with you in future too or not. Till then, go with the flow, have fun and enjoy this phase of dating.

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