Radio Mirchi RJ Ekta Sandhir: Love is a magnet that smooths all differences

Spunky Radio Mirchi RJ, Ekta Sandhir speaks about love, relationships and music.

How long have you been RJing? Tell us how you feel about your work.

I’ve been working with Radio Mirchi Ahmedabad since 2012. My job keeps me alive, as it requires me to read, stay updated all the time and spread good vibes. In the process of creating new content every day, I feel I’ve evolved as a person. That credit goes to radio as a medium.

What kind of songs are youngsters dedicating to each other these days?

The music scene of the generation is exactly like a social media update. Very frequently it changes, from one song to another in the span of a few days after the songs are released. Arijit Singh surely rules the playlist of any young Amdavadi for sure.

Does that tell you anything about your listeners’ understanding and handling of love?

Love in 2017 is more of social media which revolves around technology, where tools of communication are so easily available that people are hardly connecting.

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Which is the most popular current song on heartbreak?

Channa mereya of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil composed by Pritam. This one line in the song ‘kitni dafa subah ko meri tere aangan mein baithe maine shaam kiya‘ has struck a chord with the hearts and minds of many!

RJ Ekta Sandhir
RJ Ekta Sandhir

What does love mean to you?

Love to me is fuel to live. The zing that keeps us going. It’s in so many people around. How wonderful it is that it multiplies faster by adding.

Your takeaways on love and relationships?

I believe in the institution of marriage and one thing I’ve seen in them is that no matter how different two people are from each other, a good understanding can negate all the differences. I’ve seen an early riser and a night owl blending well. An introvert and an extrovert or someone who is always into interaction with people. They are opposites of each other but that magnet of love keeps it all smooth.

Your favourite love song? One old, one new.

Old – Lag ja gale
New – Vhaalam from a Gujarati movie – Love Ni Bhavai

You’ve been around and observing for a while now – tell us what is going on in the relationship scene among the urban youngsters?

Relationships today are like a quick instant meal you can have on the go. And there is nothing wrong when people explore the opposite sex in less time than how it was earlier. The only issue is with quickly coming out of it. There seems to be less effort in repairing if its broken. Healing is something which doesn’t happen fast. Lack of time and patience are also two major factors affecting relationships negatively.

Would there be any relationship advice that you’d like to give them?

Trust! Be honest.

One thing that you learnt about relationships from your experiences at work?

It’s all about giving. Nature has its own way of giving all that love back once you put in the effort without expecting something.

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