Are we raising our boys wrong???? yes.. we are!

Raising boys

I am not hurt by what happened in Bengaluru or what happens every day on roads, on a workplace, in Bus, Metro, College… almost all women go through this at some point in their lives, but this is nothing to be proud about. This is no legacy I want to leave behind for my daughters! I am angry. I am very very annoyed. How dare someone touch a woman inappropriately in a crowded place? Why couldn’t the other stop the shame?  I am upset, about the kind of ‘men’ we are producing. I am ashamed of being a part of a society where women are treated in this manner.

Don’t laugh loudly! Don’t eat this. Don’t go out. Don’t wear this. Don’t mingle with them. Don’t try to compete with boys, Don’t mock your brother! Being a girl in India, you listen to so many “Don’t” all the time!

From whom to talk to, who to be friends with, what to eat, how to walk, what to wear, what to choose in career and who to get married to.. everything is chosen by either parent or brothers or so-called relatives. If you don’t do it the way they suggest, the society threat comes in (read: Log kya kahenge)! like really!……  Read more by the link below.<


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