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A strap let loose,

A rum to booze,

A vent unzipped

An event clipped,

To die a life

To live a death,

And yet to love you

In every breath;

Keeps haunting me

Before me I always see

The days drawing close

As parting was what we chose;

To trim the dream

To whip the cream

Of memories sharp

And time in a warp,

Of a clogged net

Of a notion set,

Of a horse’s neigh,

Of a sea deny;

A phallic smell

A seed dwelt;

A flower torn

A new day born

With silhouette around

And a silver lining never found;

When wetness stung,

When blood sprung

With crimson hue

Of a valour much due;

And a thought crossed,

A war fought,

To lie in peace

To grasp the moment and seize;

And yet lie alone,

In a elusive zone

Waiting for truth to cease,

No more requests, please!

I can’t be an Atlas again,

Leave the globe alone;

I can’t be a proud mare,

Leave the ocean on its own.

For those eyes now lie,

My blushes now sigh,

And fail to gasp,

If I tighten my grasp,

As those strands tickled

My nostrils with ease,

Every blade now touches me

O! But with a sneeze,

And i know if i try to force within

Trying to break the screen very thin,

You would easily know,

And i would never need to show,

That you have changed

And its not a shame,

For so did I

And nothing will be the same.


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