It’s in my Rashi, darling: How his zodiac sign determines what sort of a boyfriend your guy is

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Is it really written in the stars?

If you thought that no one knows your deepest character traits or secrets, think again. Your stars say a lot more about you than you expected.

Aries: Committed and faithful

He’ll be happy to make the first move because he is also of a dominating character. He wants adventure, thrill and excitement. Everything in the bedroom also needs to be on his terms and very often it will be long sessions full of fun, wildness and passion. Due to his strong personality, he also becomes territorial and therefore is a committed and faithful partner.

Taurus: Head on his shoulders

Taurean men are reliable and take care of their ladylove in every possible aspect – emotional, financial, spiritual, physical. He’s not afraid of confrontations and will often make sense in an argument. He has very strong points to make and wants the best for you, as you will be his top priority. In the bedroom they are not the adventurous type. They like to colour within the lines, so do not expect anything wild with them. It must be simple yet fun.

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Gemini: Refulgent

He is always going to be the one who steals the thunder. He loves to be in the limelight and therefore he will be surrounded by ‘distractions’, which you, as his girlfriend, need to tackle intelligently. He’s not unfaithful, but may appear so because of his huge social circle of the opposite sex. He’s a happy soul, but very difficult satisfy in bed. He has too many expectations and always keeps looking for something new.

Cancer: Can read your mind

He will be the most sensitive and caring man that you can ever find. He can read your mind and will proactively act upon things to make you happy. He’s also a good planner and make sure every date is full of romance and fun. He hates sex without emotions or feelings. He is surely not the ‘one night stand’ type.

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Leo: Straying

Leo men love being worshipped in bed and anything less leads to complete dissatisfaction. He’s extremely choosy about his partner and wants to ensure that he’s the winner in any quarrel. His charismatic personality attracts many women and entices him into a physical relationship. He needs royal treatment, in bed or otherwise.

Virgo: Reliable

He will be the one who will fill all the gaps in your life. Some women may also find him to be the ‘unadventurous type’, but in reality he is just a person who you can depend on. He’s not the naughty, mischievous type that most women get attracted to. Virgo men will also stay within limits when it comes to sex, but they also strive to attain perfection at it.

Libra: Strikes the right balance

He will always weigh both sides, so if he has proposed, then he is damn serious about it. In bed, he’s sensual and will often want the woman to take charge. He will give all the signals and expects the woman to be a little intuitive. He does not like conflicts due to his peace loving traits.

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Scorpio: Tough to understand

Scorpio Image Source

He will never express himself. As his girlfriend or wife, you’ll need tremendous patience to get to know him. He is someone you can never know completely. His unpredictability also makes him the best lover out of all the signs. He’s always up for an adventure. He loves to take his woman on a wild ride.

Sagittarius: Charming

He might come across as flirtatious, but really he is only talking. It is his charming personality and excellent communication skills that make him appear so. He is also very intellectual. In bed, he is so good that you can’t have him enough and will long for more. With him, it will always be fun, because he won’t care about boundaries.

Capricorn: Gift-giver

He’s a man who looks for commitment. He likes to give his ladylove presents every now and then to please her. At the same time, he prefers things to be his way so the girl in his life has to make adjustments to her lifestyle to suit his. In bed, he hates fantasies and likes to keep it real.

In bed, he hates fantasies and likes to keep it real.

Aquarius: First step is friendship

Aquarius Image Source

He has too many friends and his social circle is very important to him. As his girlfriend, you need to also befriend his friends. He is a man who puts his choices before his ego. He’s not the cuddly type in bed and is very clear about what he expects from his woman while having sex.

Pisces: Introvert

He’s romantic, but ironically also an introvert. So the woman needs to make the first move often. He is a very soft-spoken man with a lot of positivity in him, which sometimes could be unrealistic. A hot ‘one-night stand’ for him is a connection for his whole life, so he is usually the one who wants feelings while having sex. He also expects his spouse to be as sensitive as him, which often is a cause of his disappointment.

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