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Real couples don’t tryst online, do they ?

Call it candid moments or a sneak peek into their intimate moments, flaunting it online has become a fad. A rage that sets the stage for displaying what is termed popularly as so-called oomph moments is perhaps not a good idea. Couples do it deliberately to affirm and perhaps reaffirm the fact that look everything is just picture perfect, for instance, better than what you expect it to be. Such obtrusive moves on digital platforms convey the idea that the photos and videos are with a vengeance retort to ex- flames or others who either detest the concept of love or singles waiting for Cupid to strike them any moment.

Of course, there is no harm in expressing love or bracing for the support of the loved ones. However, lovers need to know when to draw the line. There is a thin line between expressing and flaunting and recent trends manifest just the latter. Flaunting you amour and trysting places becomes evident from the style, extent, frequency of posting such cheesy stuff online. You are supposed to keep certain things in private and not letting others know about it. That does not mean that one keeps their relationship away from the public glare but make sure you don’t let them become gossip mongers or become the agents of grapevine spreading usually false claims. Wishers might like your posts and comment flattery stuff but the perception shaped is certainly different and in the antithesis of what one expects. No bar in sharing your affection for each other for it strengthens your equation and bond with your bae but drawing a conspicuous line to judge and identify what is right or wrong is the need of the hour. Also, latest researches make some striking revelations about such clingy posts. These revelations reiterate that couples posting such bold stuff online are actually going through a rough patch and that everything doesn’t seem well in their paradise. It has a psychological connection linked to this. They simply attempt to make things seem perfectly alright but are they really as infallible as it is perceived to be. Rather than reflecting reality, they try and shape reality for its viewers. At times exacerbating these moments can get infuriating and exasperating not because they are envious of your rendezvous but just that it looks more like a failed attempt.

Hence too much of everything is perhaps undesirable and striking a balance between disseminating your cherished moments and making things look obvious is essential. Make sure to keep certain affairs to yourself taking into account the fact that less is always more as far as long lasting, smooth affairs are concerned

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