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Na umr ki seema ho: 5 reasons why younger guys fall for older women

Here’s what men share about loving older women.
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The major difference between adolescent boys and girls is that, boys are constantly aware that they have a penis that keeps getting engorged and plagues their minds for a release. Every slight movement of a skirt, show of legs or a cleavage titillates them no end. It is rather painful to know that a mate is not so easily in his grasp. Many adult women are aware of this and manipulate young boys to her bed. Though this seems politically and morally incorrect, I have yet to meet a man who is unduly upset by the event. The reverse is true with young girls. They feel violated and used. And also there is a lot of physical pain involved. Here’s what men share about loving older women.

1. She is mature and mellow

The older woman has already been there and done that. She does not need to impress anyone. The young man is already head over heels in love with her and is eager to please. There are no games being played with the intent of establishing power. She is the woman! The young man need not fret over how he should be, how to woo a young candidate, how to do the right thing, how to get over all her inhibitions, and yet be a winner. This older goddess is sorted. He just has to melt in her arms!

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2. She is a teacher

She has been a lover and probably a mother too. Her intuitive maternal nature will appeal to the inner child of her young lover. He can make mistakes with his lovemaking and she will lovingly teach him the right way to do it. He will want to try out new ways to pleasure her and she is in the position to teach him. There is no fumbling, experimenting or a bad trip here. She may be passionate way beyond his expectation but she is also efficient and able compared to a novice who may get perplexed with what she needs to do. By the end of his tenure with an older woman the young man would have graduated in his path to sexual prowess. He will be ready to take on any young woman and keep her happy.

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3. No strings attached

My son is wary of dating young women because he claims that they become clingy way too soon and want exclusive mating and dating rights. Dating an older woman is freeing as most women have obligations towards their families, or spouses and do not want any complications. Most young men have the clarity that in such a liaison neither can wander into wanting marriage and so it is a happy association a kind of – “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours!” scenario. When either wants to break-off they do so rather effortlessly.

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4. Finishing school

The Japanese have the concept of geisha’s though it is rapidly on the decline. Their main aim was to entertain and keep men company with or without sexual intercourse. The wealthy among the Japanese would send their adolescent boys to a Geisha of their choice after contracting a payment for the purpose of training their young wards. The men were to learn how to behave with proper restraint and finesse with the woman they were courting. The older geisha would teach him intricate skills of lovemaking and teach him how to care for any woman. He would also learn the norms and rules of their culture and turn out to be a fine, suave and refined man, a trait that is extremely appealing to women and which also helped them with their business and personal lives.

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5. Spiritual experience

When a young man chooses to be with an older woman there are high chances of him discovering his own spiritual path. Though there is no guidebook that says so, it is seen that the detachment that the men develop with older woman especially when it is evident that no permanent bonds can be drawn between them, forces them to examine themselves, the societal norms and the religious outlooks of the society. They often progress on a spiritual path that leads to a sense of peace and harmony. This a man rarely gets from younger women, as they are themselves very ambitious, have strong nesting instincts and want to possess their male partners.

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