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India, a country where a woman is perceived as the epitome of Shakti and is worshipped as Durga and Kali. She is worshipped in temples as Goddess and is demeaned at homes and society by her own people and family. The greatest irony in the Indian society is that the women here are always unliberated and treated as inferiors.

Anand was born to such a mother in a native village of Uttar Pradesh. His mother went through all that was common in the society. While growing up, he saw that men enjoyed all the power and respect but women could not even think of doing a single deed according to their wish in their joint family. He hated all this hypocrisy going on at his home, where his mother had no identity of hers own. He promised himself he won’t let this happen to his wife and bring the much-needed change.

Anand studied hard and scored well in his school and college. He went to Delhi to pursue his higher studies in business diploma. After finishing his studies he landed a decent job in the city and settled with his family.

And one fine day his marriage was also fixed by his parents. He married a beautiful shy girl called Lakhsmi from another city. She was loving and caring and totally devoted to him and his family. She was like any other girl who had many aspirations in her eyes. Anand could understand his wife’s agony when his parents behaved in the similar way as it was persistent in their community.

Anand let her wife join college and finish her graduation as she couldn’t study because of her marriage. Initially, he had to face a lot of objection regarding this from his parents, but he was determined to make Lakhsmi educated and self-dependent. Anand motivated and supported his wife in every possible way.

He stood firm on his decision and after completing her studies Lakhsmi landed a job in primary school.

Anand’s joy no bounds now. He was overwhelmed – he could fulfill not only his dream but also make his wife a symbol of success in his community. He was proud that what he has promised to himself many years ahead has been successfully achieved.

He was able to change the ‘Reet’ of his family. A woman was educated, going out, earning and had equal respect in the family as any male member. It’s the best a man can do for a woman, giving her dignity and making her independent. Lakhsmi was proud to have a husband like hers.

People tend to go on believing and practicing same age-old tradition without giving any speculation. Let all the stigmas around, which are labeled as ‘Reet and Riwaz’ diminish from our society for a better tomorrow. Its just a matter of trust and confidence in ourselves and many lives can be modified forever.

Love and determination can change anything and make this society a beautiful place to be.

P.S. Lakhsmi is currently pursuing her post graduation dealing smoothly in accordance with her job and her household responsibilities. Her in law’s attitude have also changed and now they too have accepted the change wholeheartedly.

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  1. As beautiful it was to know that men like Anand exist in our society it was equally saddening to know that girls like Lakshmi do not stand up for their own right. Lakshmi’s education, job was as much her basic right as Anand’s. It was not something to be given as a boon from Anand. It is something that was her basic right and though it is a shame that women even have to fight for their basic rights, Lakshmi is the one who should have fought more.

    1. Thank you Shobha Mahapatra for liking my effort. Yes you are right, it was basic right of Lakhsmi. But it’s not that easy to fight alone in this male dominated society for a woman to get her basic rights till now in some areas.

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