Rekindle your love life with these tips

Once the honeymoon phase of being in love is over and done with, and you have grown comfortable with each other, you need to come up with ways to keep the spark alive. It might seem confusing at first about what can you do to make the love of your life feel special, but don’t worry, Bonobology is here to give you some great tips to rekindle your love life in this video.

First and foremost, you must plan a date night at least twice a month, if not more. It’s a great way to make your partner feel pampered and cared. While you are at it, break the monotony of making out in your regular space and go for a quick weekend getaway to get some ‘hotel sex’. A change in venue and uninterrupted privacy will fuel you both with renewed passion. If your schedules don’t have time for a vacation right now, you can go for couples’ spa and get rejuvenated together. It will release tension from your muscles, plus there is also a hot shower for you two to take after!

One of the biggest reasons we don’t feel loved is because we tend to criticise our partners more now than we used to in the initial phase. So try to be more of a patient listener and less of a critic. Finally, your relationship gets all the better if you are in a better state of mind. So practice meditation daily to become an empathetic partner and be grateful for the love you have in your life.

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