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Relationships – Kacche Dhaage?

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I am extremely shy when it comes to making friends or meeting people face to face. Yes, I am an introvert by nature but I can be emotional & sensitive too.

Perhaps,  that’s why people think that they can confide in me. They think that I am the best who can understand their situations.

I am just a 26 years old woman. I am devoted to my husband & I am very protective about people in my life. I cry silently when my loved ones are hurt. But from outside,  I am fiercely protective about them. I stand by them & even fight for them if needed.

I am not complex but I take a long time to judge people.  But I decide in the first two interactions itself if I want to warm up to them or not. Many perceive me to be an arrogant & an egoistic woman.  People think I am full of myself. Some people even have labelled me as as fake as & even vain as  certain women celebrities.

While it hurts to be judged so harshly,  I am glad that it keeps negativity at bay. I don’t know if its good or bad, but I am happy to be in my own space with selected people.

I was once called a “dehati feminist ” by my husband’s friend. If  being traditional & sticking to my beliefs makes me a “dehati feminist “, I am more than happy to be one.

I just expect my family & loved ones especially my husband to love me unconditionally,  that’s all.

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