Finding it irksome to be pressurized to have children? Are you having difficulty in communicating your wish to relocate to your spouse? Our expert speaks...

From the need to give benefit of doubt to people giving unwanted advice, to accepting the challenges of a long distance marriage, psychologist Deepak Kashyap provides the answers to your relationship queries

Team Bonobology | Posted on 20 Apr 2016
On making our own choices, whether about having children or going for a long-distance marriage

We are of "prime childbearing age" and "our clocks are ticking" as our families often remind us. However, my husband and I have decided not to have children and no one seems to be able to get it through their heads that we don't want to have kids. 

Allow people to ask you questions and without taking them personally. Allow yourself to ignore those questions. We cannot, try as we may, hold people’s tongues and for the most part change their opinions of things that they have been conditioned to believe. 

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My husband also happens to be my colleague. It was a love marriage. But I want to relocate to another city now. He however is not keen as he’s just got a promotion.

I would highly advise you to revisit your real reasons for leaving the town you are in and going to another, and see if you find those reasons to be a necessary condition for your long-term happiness and career or not. 

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U: Communication with spouse is the key.

Team Bonobology: Absolutely, Urvi. No relationship can exist without proper communication.


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